Ridley Scott Talks ‘The Martian’, His Extended Cut, Deleted Scenes and More

     September 28, 2015


Loaded with amazing visuals, a brilliant script by Drew Goddard, great performances from the entire cast, and science that makes sense, Ridley Scott’s The Martian is one of those special movies that needs to be seen on the biggest movie screen possible, in the loudest theater. While I saw a lot of movies at the Toronto International Film Festival, The Martian was one of my favorites. For more read Matt’s review.

Based on Andy Weir‘s best-selling novel of the same name, the film stars Matt Damon as Mark Wattney, an astronaut stranded alone on mars in the aftermath of a disastrous evacuation. With only the remaining supplies, his scientific genius and a great sense of humor to subsist on, Wattney must find a “science the shit out of this” to survive on the red planet and find a way home. The Martian also stars Jessica ChastainKristen WiigKate MaraMichael PenaJeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Donald Glover.

While at TIFF I landed an exclusive video interview with Ridley Scott. He revealed the length of this first cut and talked about deleted scenes at length. Watch what he had to say below and click here for what he had to say about Prometheus 2 (now called Alien:Paradise Lost). The Martian is in theaters this weekend.

Note: When Scott talks about the deleted scenes slight spoilers are discussed.

Ridley Scott:

  • Did he ever have a longer version of the film.
  • Talks about his first cut of The Martian and how it was 2 hrs and 45 min.
  • Deleted scenes talk.


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