Ridley and Tony Scott to Produce TV Miniseries Adaptation of Kate Mosse’s LABYRINTH Novel

     March 17, 2011


We just recently learned that the Emmy categories for TV miniseries and made-for-TV movies will be combined next year to allow for a little steeper competition. Now we have word on one of the projects that could end up getting a nomination in the combined category as Variety reports filmmaking brothers Ridley and Tony Scott are developing a TV miniseries adaptation of Kate Mosse’s best-selling novel Labyrinth. Scott Free last teamed up with Tandem Communications for The Pillars of the Earth, and the two are back together for this four-hour adaptation with Adrian Hodges (writer and producer of Primeval series) scripting. Hit the jump for the official synopsis of the book.

Here’s a synopsis of Kate Mosse’s Labyrinth:

In the present, Alice Tanner, a volunteer at a French archaeological excavation, stumbles across the skeletal remains of two people in a cave, as well as a ring with an intricate labyrinth engraved on it. Her discovery attracts the attention of two unsavory figures: Paul Authie, a sinister police inspector, and Marie-Ceile de l’Oradore, a wealthy, powerful woman. When the ring that Alice discovered and the friend that invited her out on the dig both disappear, Alice begins to fear for her safety. Interlinked with Alice’s story is that of 17-year-old Alais, newly married to a handsome chevalier and living in thirteenth-century Carcassonne. The threat of French invasion grows every day, but Alais and her father are more concerned with protecting three sacred books that reveal the secret of the Grail. The Crusaders want the books, but two people much closer to home are working against Alais and her father, desirous of the promise of eternal life that the Grail offers.