‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’: Adam Driver Would Love to Role-Swap with Jabba the Hut

     December 12, 2019

One could call Kylo Ren the “big bad” of the third trilogy in the Skywalker Saga, but one of  the character’s most interesting qualities is that he still has many human, vulnerable moments. A personal favorite comes in The Force Awakens when Kylo comes to realize that plucking information from Rey’s (Daisy Ridley) mind isn’t as easy as he once thought and also that she’s got some Force abilities of her own. There’s also the very end of the epic Throne Room battle in The Last Jedi when Kylo can’t convince Rey to take the next steps with him, especially when he goes as far to say “please” with tears in his eyes. If you’re a fan of scenes like these, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is a must-see because, according to Adam Driver himself, there’s a very empathetic moment for Kylo in the mix.

I got the opportunity to sit down with Driver before the film’s December 20th release and he mentioned, “Hopefully [in] this one there’s a good moment where you really see him, maybe, I hope.” Check out the video interview at the top of this article to hear more about that, how Driver thinks the trilogy benefited from moving from J.J. Abrams to Rian Johnson and back again, and to find out which Star Wars character he would most like to role-swap with.


Image via Disney

We’re going to have so many more Rise of Skywalker interviews coming your way soon, but if you want more right this minute, click here for my full chat with Ridley and click here to watch the whole ensemble pick the adorable Baby Yoda “Firsts” they’d most like to witness.

Adam Driver:

  • If Driver could swap roles with anyone in the Star Wars film franchise, who would he pick and why?
  • If Driver could witness “Baby Yoda’s first something,” what would it be and how would it go down?
  • How did the trilogy benefit from passing the baton from J.J. Abram to Rian Johnson and back to Abrams again?
  • What does Driver find to be the most empathetic, human moment for Kylo Ren? 
  • Who is the unsung hero of The Rise of Skywalker?

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