New ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Final Battle Scene Details Revealed by Dominic Monaghan

     January 4, 2020


It feels like we’ve unpacked all of the major, polarizing, and majorly polarizing moments in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker following its late December premiere. But what about the moments that never made it into the film’s final cut? Are there still any tantalizing details to be mined from all of the moments relegated to previous cuts of the movie which will either stay on the proverbial cutting room floor or get thrown into a bonus features section?


Image via Lucasfilm

Well, according to Dominic Monaghan, there’s a few moments from the Battle of Exegol sequence involving his character, Beaumont Kin, and the characters played by Kelly Marie Tran and Billie Lourd which sound pretty damn exciting. Before diving in during his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Monaghan gently touched on director J.J. Abrams‘ Rise of Skywalker cut and Monaghan’s wish for it to be released.

“Like a lot of Star Wars fans, I’m hoping there will be a director’s cut so we’ll get to see more and more of the stuff that was filmed. I wasn’t there all the time, but even in the short time that I was there, there was so much stuff filmed that didn’t make it to the theatrical version…. Oh, man, there was so much stuff!”


Image via Lucasfilm

There has been a sudden internet movement led by a certain portion of the fandom for the Abrams cut to be released — a movement reminiscent of #ReleaseTheSnyderCut — but it doesn’t seem like Monaghan is throwing his weight behind that. Instead, Monaghan is advocating for all of the footage left on the cutting room floor to make its way to the public so fans can be treated to every second of footage possible. It seems Monaghan wants us to actually like watching this movie? His description of the cut footage from the Battle of Exegol involving Beaumont, Rose Tico (Tran), and Lieutenant Connix (Lourd) certainly supports that theory:

“Another thing that we will hopefully see at some point in the future is that in the final battle, Connix injures her leg. Obviously, myself, Rose and Connix are exiting the battle, and Rose has a weapon. While Rose is busy doing stuff, I grab Connix’s arm and put it over my shoulder to make sure that all of us come back as unscathed as possible.”

Monaghan’s description of the intense moments during the battle back up Tran’s earlier comments and descriptions of all the cut Rose Tico footage which could have fleshed out her Rise of Skywalker arc even better. All I know is this: Regardless of how the cut footage, including the moments Monaghan describes to THR, gets to us I’d really like to see it. Goodness knows it would help fill in some of the gaps I’m still trying to wrap my head around after seeing this movie twice.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in theaters now. For more, check out J.J. Abrams’ latest comments on how an important Rise of Skywalker cameo came together and read Collider’s own Vinnie Mancuso celebrating the delight that is Babu Frik.

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