‘Riverdale’: KJ Apa on the Black Hood and Archie’s Revenge Quest

     November 8, 2017


There are a lot of dark things dwelling in Riverdale right now, but the scariest is definitely The Black Hood. The mysterious figure has a growing connection to Betty, while Archie has been busy trying to lure him out into the open in the hopes of avenging his father. From the Riverdale set in Vancouver, KJ Apa told us that The Black Hood’s terror will only continue to grow. “I think it becomes more real for them in a way that it becomes more constant. The communication becomes more constant,” he said. “I feel like Betty gets smarter about the situation and understanding the Black Hood more, which gets us closer to figuring out who he is and also accelerates his actions.”

Speaking of accelerated actions, Archie has been doing some pretty extreme things to get the attention of the Black Hood and draw him out, but how far will he go? Apa said,


Image via The CW

“We’ve seen him at his most vulnerable in that first episode. That was his Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker moment where he wants revenge. In this certain situation, we’ve seen him at his most beast mode, where he’s fully in it right now. There’s definitely some other instances in this season where [he goes even further].”

Some of that has been aided by the advice of Hiram Lodge, which Veronica disapproves of course, since he’s encouraging Archie to potentially dangerous ends. But when it comes to his quest for vengeance, is Archie able to use Hiram’s advice to justify his own actions? Is he considering “What Would Hiram Do?”

“I think yeah, there’s a part of Hiram that Archie really admires,” Apa told us. “He sees a lot of good qualities in Hiram despite the bad things that he’s done or people think that he’s done. I think Archie sees him as a leader, and I think as his girlfriend’s dad he also needs to be on good terms with him, so he needs to find a way to be on the same page. They need to find a way to be on the same page with each other, and that’s another thing that we’re exploring [this season].”

Apa also teases that fans will be very surprised by the reveal of the Black Hood. “The writers have been really smart in the way they’ve done it because it’s just really unexpected. You couldn’t guess it, I don’t think […] It’s really good.” He also told us that he has read some of the fan theories online, “I saw a good one that Vegas was actually the Black Hood. That was pretty funny. I saw that on Twitter somewhere. But I did see some pretty crazy theories. None of them have been right so far that I’ve seen.”

Riverdale airs Wednesday nights on The CW