Rob Corddry, Clark Duke, and Craig Robinson Interview HOT TUB TIME MACHINE

     March 24, 2010


You’re going to see the phrase “[laughs]” a lot during this interview because Rob Corddry, Clark Duke, and Craig Robinson are, unsurprisingly, hilarious.  They’re all fantastic in their new movie Hot Tub Time Machine, and chances are that if you’re laughing at something in that movie, it’s because one of these guys delivered a joke.

I tried my best to get the tone of the interview right, but I’ll just put it this way: Corddry was cracking jokes left and right, Clark Duke has a wit so fast it will make your head spin, and Robinson was delightfully deadpan.  Among the topics discussed was advertising on porn sites, previous versions of the script, what accent people from the future would talk with, and Craig’s band, Nasty Deliciously, performing in the film.  Hit the jump to read the interview although be warned there are some spoilers.

Hot Tub Time Machine hits theaters March 26th.

hot_tub_time_machine_movie_image_clark_duke_rob_corddry_collette_wolfe_john_cusack_rob_corddry.jpgROB CORDDRY [looking at all our tape recorders]: So I guess Olympus makes the best tape recorders, huh?  Do you guys do a lot of research into tape recorders?

[Corddry asks all the journalists about what sites they write for]

CORRDRY: I like all these sites.

Do you really know the sites or are you just pretending?

CLARK DUKE: If you seem hot, does that mean you’re from a really inappropriate website?

CORDDRY: PornoHub.


CORDDRY: I think we’re the first movie to ever market on porno sites.  We have banners on porno sites.


MGM PUBLICIST: No.  We tried.

CORDDRY: No!?  Who killed it?

PUBLICIST: That was my baby.

CORDDRY: That was your baby?  It was fucking genius.

PUBLICIST: We had 15 second spots that we were going to run on PornoTube at YouPorn and XTube and all the big sites…

DUKE: They didn’t want a zillion people to see it?

PUBLICIST: No, it would have gotten us in trouble.

DUKE: I salute your ingenuity.

Good try.  [Steering to questions about the movie…] So how much did you guys ad-lib your lines because Collette [Wolfe] mentioned so many good ones like shouting “Shia LaBeouf!” during the sex scene.

DUKE: You were just thinking about things that would get you hard, right?

CORDDRY: Yeah, whatever gets-

DUKE: “Werewolves!”

CORRDRY: Well that scene was like I had to have an orgasm-we shot it for five or six hours-so you can’t of dredge the depths, and apparently Shia LaBeouf was perhaps nothing something I would have put in the movie…

One of the things that really makes the film is work is that there’s palpable chemistry between all four of you guys.  Can you talk about how that comes about on a small film like this where I’m assuming you don’t have a lot of rehearsal time.  How do you guys create that feeling of really knowing each other?

CORRDRY: I genuinely like these fellows. [to Duke] I like you, [to Craig Robinson] I like the other guy.

CRAIG ROBINSON [deadpan]: I have a name.


CORRDRY: I am so bad at names.  It’s…Darryl?


CORDDRY: Right, right.  Darryl is your character on-

ROBINSON: This happens every frickin’ time.

CORDDRY: That’s right.  Darryl is your character on Parks and [Recreation]


CORDDRY: So sorry.

hot_tub_time_machine_movie_image_rob_corddry_collette_wolfe_01.jpg[Pointing to Robinson] He’s wearing like a giant jacket with the show’s name on it.  [Getting back to the movie…] So Rob, how many times do we see your ass in the movie-

CORDDRY: Not enough.

Yeah, right!  I was counting four or five times.

CORDDRY: That sounds about right.  First of all, you’re welcome.  It was something for the ladies.  Get ladies in seats.

Or for porno sites.  It would have been great advertising.

DUKE: Gay porn sites.

CORRDRY: I was actually on a gay porn website.  It’s a website for guys who are into like kind of normal, hairy, not attractive men.

DUKE: Bears?

CORRDRY: Not quite bears.  Just more than normal hair.

DUKE: You’re not that hairy though.

CORRDRY: I’m pretty hairy.

DUKE: I don’t know, I wouldn’t consider you a weirdly hairy guy.

[Corrdry opens up his shirt a little bit to expose his chest hair]

DUKE: Yeah, that’s pretty hairy.  I don’t want to look at it.

CORRDRY:  Sorry.  How long was I doing that for?

hot_tub_time_machine_movie_image_clark_duke_rob_corddry_john_cusack_rob_corddry_01.jpgIf you could change anything about your characters, what would it be and why?

DUKE: Do you mean like what would be more fun to play or for the movie and the plot?

If you could have changed anything about the character whether it’s the hair or the-

DUKE: I would have made mine Native American.

CORRDRY: You know what bums me out?  When you first see me, I’m drinking in my car in my garage and wearing a suit, which to me seems very not-Lou.  The backstory was, and it was actually referenced in one version, was that I was a derivatives trailer, like a Boiler Room kind of guy, and just an asshole and I lost everything and that was one of the reasons I wanted to kill myself.  And that struck me as silly so I’d probably go back and change that wardrobe.

DUKE: I disagree.  I think that’s probably all the context clue you need to know what kind of miserable corporate lifestyle you’re living.

CORRDRY: Yeah, maybe…Craig?

ROBINSON: I would have spent more time in the hot tub with Jessica [Paré].

CORRDRY: Were you guys just chatting and she was topless?

ROBINSON: No, we were fucking the whole time.


CORDDRY: Do you see full-on penetration in this movie? I haven’t seen the latest cut.

ROBINSON:  No, no, no.  But there’s a take out there.  But you know what happened during one of the takes?  So, Jessica’s there and she’s wrapped up-

DUKE: Wrapped up in Craig.

ROBINSON: No, she’s covered.  Sound man is holding the boom mic and someone asked himself and the sound man said, just as Jessica was taking her top off, and all I heard him say was, “Yes.”


ROBINSON: You know, it was a delicate situation.  You had to be respectful and professional, but his breath was literally taken away when I heard him.

If you guys were going back to the 80s and you could take one thing from the modern world, what would you take with you?

ROBINSON: My kindle.

DUKE: How would you put books on it in the 80s?

ROBINSON: I would take the books that I have now…

DUKE: Where would you find a USB port?


DUKE: Why are we taking something back to the 80s?  For profit?

Hey, that’s up to you.

DUKE: I’d probably use it for that.  Maybe just the Snuggie.  I’d take the Snuggie back.

CORRDRY: Oh my God, that’s a moneymaker.

But wouldn’t everyone comment on it like, “Why are you wearing a robe backwards?”

DUKE: Why are you not wearing one?

hot_tub_time_machine_movie_image_clark_duke_rob_corddry_john_cusack_rob_corddry_02.jpgThat’s a good point.

DUKE:  Even if they don’t market the Snuggie in white.

CORRDRY: That’s racist.


DUKE: SARS! Swine Flu!


Craig, you give a couple really amazing musical performances in this film.  Can you talk about those and how long you prepared?

ROBINSON: Thank you.  It was fun and my band is actually playing on the soundtrack.  I was able to listen to them and prepare.  It was just fun and first off I was a little nervous.  Going up on stage and performing is one thing, but filming a performance is different because you’re milling about and then you’re peforming and then you’re milling about and then you’re performing so as I warmed up, it got more and more fun and I think they captured some more of the crazier moments.  But I loved it.  I’m a performer.  I do comedy and music and I blend them together.  My band is Nasty Delicious!  Yeah, we love to get up and act the fools so that was a good time.

Rob, [Director Steve Pink] said you gave him a time-travel book.

CORDDRY: Yeah, I did.  What the fuck was it?  I believe it was Ronald…This American Life did a story on Ronald Mallett-that was his name-and he basically invented time travel.  It’s actually possible.  The problem is his theory of time travel, you can only travel back to when you turned the machine on.  And, it’s actually impossible to build a machine that big.  His theory of time travel is sound, it just can’t be physically done.

DUKE: Grant Morrisons said that in The Invisibles too.  That was back in the 90s.  It’s like as soon as we build it, people will come back from the future.  [in a 40s American accent] “We’re here from the future!”

CORDDRY: Why would they talk like they were from the 40s?


DUKE:  Trends.  Trends come and go.  That would come back…”Great Scott!  Come with us!” [still doing the 40s accent]: “Come with me if you want to live!”

[To Duke] I’ve seen Kick-Ass and the critical response is amazing.  It officially premiered at SXSW.  How’d that go?

DUKE: Awesome.  That’s the home team right there.  Everybody there already love the movie even though they haven’t seen it yet.

How do you think it will go over with the rest of the world.

DUKE: I’m not sure.  I’m sure there will be some people protesting but I don’t see how that movie’s not a huge success.

CORDDRY: I’m looking for to seeing Kick-Ass.  Maybe more than Hot Tub.  Seriously.


DUKE: For a superhero movie, though, I think it’s the best superhero movie besides Dark Knight.

hot_tub_time_machine_movie_image_rob_corddry_john_cusack_craig_robinson_01.jpgThis film is decked out in the 80s.  Was there anything that jumped out at your or any particular aspect that you were happy they included?

CORDDRY: What happened for me is I would see this sea of background extras dressed in 80s gear and almost at times I could smell Love’s Baby Soft.  You remember that perfume?  It smelled like baby powder, basically.  It defined my junior high experience.  It gives me an erection just smelling baby powder.  Yeah.  I said it.  Baby powder.

ROBINSON: Rob always has an erection.

CORDDRY: That’s true. I’ve got a hard-on right now.  Full-on.

I can tell.

CORDDRY: It’s the only was I deliver an interview.

[Directed at me] For him?

CORDDRY: Just for.  It can be for him.

Clark, can you talk about your character in this movie and what your take on him is?

DUKE: He’s kind of an introvert-

CORDDRY [speaking for Duke]: “I’m a plot device.”


DUKE: You bastard.  No, you know, he’s kind of an introverted guy and going back to the 80s.  He comes out of his shell a little bit, but a lot of the backstory got removed and he’s just sort of in there by the third act.


CORDDRY: Guys!  There’s a ticking clock!

Did you feel bad for your character because he gets beat up on a lot in the film.

DUKE: A little bit, but really it’s funny that Corddry hates me because he’s my father.  That wasn’t originally in the script, but it kind of changed the plot of the whole movie.  I don’t know, he’s kind of the little brother character in the film and you kind of pick on him.  That’s just his role in the film and hopefully you don’t feel sorry for him.

CORDDRY: You don’t feel sorry for him because he holds his own.

DUKE: He’s also the only character who’s not really stupid.

When did him being your father get added in?

DUKE: I suggested that at the first round table.  We also came up with “Lougle” too.

What was your original arc?

DUKE: There was still the stuff with the mother but it was like maybe Chaz was my father.  The ski instructor guy.  The villain was my father.  Or something.  It was still about the mother and not about adding some peripheral character.

hot_tub_time_machine_movie_image_clark_duke_rob_corddry_john_cusack_rob_corddry_03.jpgBecause there were so many changes to the script, do you think the movie is as funny as it is now had those changes not been made?

CORDDRY: The first version of the movie I read was completely retarded.

DUKE: It was diagnosed by a doctor.

CORDDRY: It was originally that my character, Lou, rents a DeLorean and is pissed when there’s no Flux Capacitor in it.  Lou is that stupid.  With this version of the script, there’s just enough heart in it that the characters play at the top of their own intelligence whereas before it was pretty crazy.

DUKE: It was just so different tonally.

Lou is on the verge of being impossible to like, but then he wakes up his buddy with cum on his face and it’s heartwarming.  How do you balance that out?

CORDDRY: Just get to know me.

DUKE: You’ll see us at the party tonight.  Get a couple drinks in him.

CORDDRY: There’s really almost nothing to like about him but I do (kinda)!



You’re going to make me start gagging again.

ROBINSON: That’s what happened to him.


It seemed like most of that scene was ad-libbed.  How was it to shoot that and play back and forth on each other?

CORDDRY: Well we went back and re-shot that a few months after we’d wrapped, so we were pretty much writing it up until the day.

What do you guys have coming up?

ROBINSON: By the way, you guys got good chemistry.

DUKE: This is the best room.

CORDDRY: You guys should all do a movie together.

We’re going to say very nice things about you in the pieces because you said that.

CORDDRY: I got a show called Children’s Hospital that’s going to be on Adult Swim in July.  Guest starring Clark Duke, and Henry Winkler, and Megan Mullaly and a lot of great people.  So there’s that.  And what else you got?  I’ll do it.

hot_tub_time_machine_movie_image_clark_duke_rob_corddry_john_cusack_rob_corddry_04.jpgWhenever you make an appearance on The Daily Show people just go out of their minds.  How do those come about?

CORDDRY:  I might actually do one next week because I’ll be in New York.

DUKE: Promoting the movie.

CORDDRY: Well I won’t actually be on the show (as a guest) because they’re a little weird about that.  I might be on…there’s this guy that I interviewed five or six years ago called Bo Dietl.  He’s a security expert and he had just had ten guns stolen from him and I’m going back to interview him.

DUKE: Doesn’t he know you’re an actor at this point?

CORDDRY: He’s an idiot.


CORDDRY: Most of the people who allow themselves to be there are.

ROBINSON: I’m starring in the New Adventures of Voltron.  I play Voltron.

All five pieces?

ROBINSON: It was five, but the way they’re doing it is I break into five pieces.

DUKE: Emotionally.

ROBINSON: Yes.  Because Voltron was Anger, Fear, Humor, and the other two.  I’m also in Shrek 4. I play a female ogre named Cookie.  I’m also Cleveland’s father on The Cleveland ShowAnd The Office.  And Father of Invention with Kevin Spacey.

DUKE: Kick-Ass.  April 16th.

I love Clark and Michael.  Do you and Michael Cera have anything in the pipeline?

DUKE: Uh, we don’t have anything on the books, no.  We might have dinner next week so.  We probably won’t film it.  Blame CBS.  They don’t ask us to do it anymore.

I always blame CBS.

DUKE: I do too.  I do too.

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