Rob Liefeld on Comic-Con, Writing Screenplays, Josh Brolin as Cable and More

     July 27, 2017

Rob Liefeld, the co-creator of Deadpool and plenty of other comics, was on hand at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and our own Steve Weintraub got the chance to sit down and talk with him about a variety of subjects.

During their conversation, they talked about partnering with us for the IMAX screening of Deadpool, what it’s like for him to attend Comic-Con, if he sells his original artwork, the progress he’s making in adapting his fallen angel story Evangline, his thoughts on Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2, moving into writing screenplays, his take on Ben Affleck as Batman, and much more. He also tells a very cool story about how winning the Inkpot Award several years ago has provided him with a special card that gets him and his family into Comic-Con every year.

Check out the video above and see the full index below. For all of our SDCC coverage, click here.


Image via Marvel Comics

Rob Liefeld

  • The success of the Collider + IMAX screening of Deadpool.
  • What it’s like for him to attend Comic-Con.
  • His special Comic-Con card that allows him and his family to get into the convention.
  • Who among the Image founders has gotten a lot of tickets from using their special Comic-Con card.
  • What’s developing for him, and how he knows when the meeting is for real and not just because someone had it on the books.
  • The status of adapting Liefeld’s fallen angel story Evangeline.
  • How the marketplace hasn’t suffered from superhero fatigue.
  • The status of adaptations in Liefeld’s Extreme Universe.
  • Moving into writing feature film screenplays.
  • How the untitled film he’s working on is “relevant” to issues today.
  • His take on Ben Affleck as Batman.
  • The decision to cast Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2.
  • His reaction to Joe Carnahan writing X-Force.
  • How much of his art he’s kept and sold.
  • Who owns art among his comic creator friends.
  • How Sideshow Collectibles sends him Deadpool

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