Collider Connected: Rob Liefeld on ‘Snake Eyes: Deadgame’ and the State of Comic Book Movies

     July 18, 2020

You could say Rob Liefeld is akin to many of his comic book creations: boisterous, verbose, and slightly askew. His career highlights (Deadpool, Cable, Youngblood) all share one thing in common: Liefeld’s distinct personality, distilled into a two-dimensional drawing and a speech bubble that somehow feels larger than life itself.

Recently, Coy Jandreau (host of Collider’s original series Comic Book Shopping) caught up with Rob for a new episode of our long-form interview series Collider Connected, to talk about his newest comic creation: Snake Eyes: Deadgame, a new IDW comic starring the popular character from the G.I. Joe universe of toys, comics, and feature films.

During this hour-long conversation, Liefeld and Jandreau cover a wide range of topics, including a brief history of the founding of Image Comics, the powerhouse indie studio partly responsible for the comic book (and action figure) boom of the 1990s. Liefeld also details the continuing popularity of Cable, a mainstay of the Saturday morning cartoon X-Men, and portrayed by Josh Brolin in the 2018 sequel Deadpool 2.

Liefeld also weighs in on the current state of comic books and the movies they inspire. Prophesying on how the Coronavirus-fueled production shutdown will affect the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, led by Kevin Feige, Liefeld makes his pitch for the “multiverse of movies,” with offshoot creations outside the main storylines. He also gives us a preview of the types of ‘deep dive’ history lessons found on his new podcast, Robservations, and explains why he’s hesitant to sell much of his original artwork.

Watch the video above for a glimpse into Rob’s home office, full of animation cels, original artwork, maquettes, and more. Also touched on in this episode: Donald Glover’s rejected script for a Deadpool cartoon, the status of Marc Guggenheim’s script for the Liefeld’s character Prophet, and his dream to adapt the long-forgotten superheroes from the Archie Comics universe.

You can pick up Issue #1 of Snake Eyes: Deadgame at your local comic shop. The series features 36 original variant covers, including nine drawn by Liefeld himself.

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Coy Jandreau is an actor, host, and walking comic book encyclopedia. In addition to Comic Book Shopping, he covers comics from the fan perspective on his YouTube channel and across social media @CoyJandreau.


Image via IDW Publishing

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