Rob Riggle, Brian Posehn, and Kumail Nanjiani Join Stop-Motion Comedy HELL & BACK

     January 23, 2012


Writer/directors Tom Gianas (Human Giant) and Ross Shuman (Moral Orel) are assembling quite the cast for their stop-motion feature Hell & Back if you’re a comedy geek.  It started off with T.J. Miller and Nick Swardson.  Now Rob Riggle, Brian Posehn, and Kumail Nanjiani have joined the voice cast.  The story centers on two buddies who must rescue their friend who was dragged into hell by mistake.  According to Variety, Riggle will voice a 20-year-old who is finally growing up.  Posehn will play an aging heavy metal fan trapped in the 80s (naturally).  And Nanjiani will play “Sal the Demon, an employee in hell.”

Corey Campodonico, Eric Blyler, and Alex Bulkley are producing for ShadowMachine, the studio behind Moral Orel, Robot Chicken, and Frankenhole.  I am probably the biggest fan of Moral Orel you’ve ever met, and I love this cast and the art of stop-motion in general.  Very eager to see this one.

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