Rob Zombie, Malcolm McDowell and Sheri Moon Zombie – Exclusive Video Interviews

     August 27, 2007

Written by Harrison Coltun

Unless you have been living under a rock or you just don’t get out often one thing is for sure, it has been a cinematic summer to remember. Box office numbers were being crushed left and right like the CG cars and buildings in ‘Transformers’. There were celluloid triumphs, failures and a few that left us scratching our heads as they made off with our 10 bucks. Alas, the summer is almost over and the excitement and hype is wearing off. Thankfully that means mom, dad and junior are finally clearing out and leaving the cinemas to us true cine-phials, which is what the Weinstein Company must be betting on with its Aug. 31 release of “Halloween”.

If you got around to seeing “Grindhouse” then you saw the preview for “Halloween” and you cheered when you saw Rob Zombies name attached to the remake/ prequel of this horror classic. The “House of a Thousand Corpses”, “Devils Rejects” director has stepped up to the plate with a reissue of the John Carpenter story, adding his own personal brand of sound, style and vision. “Halloween” is in Zombies own words, ‘…a human story about the background into the life of Michael Myers”. We remember from the original, kid appears kills his sister and then boom turns into a middle aged nut job with a sense of make up like a Geisha. After so may years the original film still holds up but unfortunately the franchise does not. So who better than a talented director whose has brought the goods before and is obviously a fan of slasher films to breathe new life into a staple of Americana like ‘Halloween’?

Zombie needed no blessing from Carpenter in his rehashing of ‘Halloween’, however putting his own brand on the film seemed inevitable, which comes in the form of a new first act and newcomer Daeg Faerch. Faerch portrays the young Michael Myers in the back story of this true American psycho. Opposite Faerch in the classic roll of Dr. Loomis is everyone’s favorite little droogie, Malcolm McDowell. It just wouldn’t be a Rob Zombie movie if he didn’t cast that firecracker of a wife of his in it, as Sheri Moon Zombie. Sheri plays a whole new character to the series Deborah Myers, Michael’s mommy. After attending a screening of the film, I was able to sit down with the cast and chat a bit about the production and the work that went in to reviving the title. We talked about improvised scenes, dealing with people screaming take after take after take and all the unlikely fun that came from making this worthwhile and brutal film. Rob Zombies ‘Halloween’ is sure to satisfy the diehards as well as hook a whole new generation of ‘trick or treaters’ on the mythology of Michael Myers.

Below are the interviews with cast members Sheri Moon Zombie, Malcolm McDowell, and of course Rob Zombie himself. And if you missed my interviews with cast members Tyler Mane, Daeg Faerch and Scout Taylor click here.

Malcolm McDowell

Rob Zombie

Sheri Moon Zombie

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