Exclusive: Check Out the Awesome Box Art for the Rob Zombie Trilogy Steelbook Blu-ray Collection

     June 30, 2020


Rob Zombie’s blood-soaked trilogy following the spree-killing Firefly family is getting the Steelbook treatment. Lionsgate announced that the Rob Zombie Trilogy Steelbook Blu-ray collection will be available exclusively at Target on September 8th, in a handsome metallic case featuring gorgeous new artwork by artist Vance Kelly.

rob-zombie-trilogy-steelbook-blu-ray-box-artThe collection includes the 2002 film House of 1000 Corpses, the 2002 sequel The Devil’s Rejects, and Zombie’s 2019 follow-up 3 From Hell. The grindhouse horror films wear their Texas Chain Saw Massacre inspiration on their sleeves, and they’re just as dark, gruesome, and oddly funny as you’d expect from the former White Zombie frontman. If you’ve never seen them, I am sad for you, because that means you have never seen The Office’s Rainn Wilson get turned into a fish man. Luckily, the Rob Zombie Trilogy is the perfect opportunity for you to rectify that situation. It’s a bare bones collection, meaning there are no special features, but having all three movies in a bodaciously decorated Steelbook more than warrants a purchase.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Baby Firefly, Otis Driftwood, Captain Spaulding, Sheriff Wydell, and Rob Zombie’s other killer characters wreak havoc in the blood-soaked trilogy that made them famous. Two young couples cross paths with Otis Driftwood and the cannibalistic Fireflys while touring America’s backroads in House of 1000 Corpses. In The Devil’s Rejects, Sheriff Wydell deals with depraved, hostage-taking murderers holed up in a rundown motel in his uniquely unhinged way. Baby, Otis, and Captain Spaulding are finally put behind bars in 3 From Hell…but can evil really be locked away?

Check out the righteous box art below. The Rob Zombie Trilogy will be available at Target September 8th with an SRP of $34.99. Here’s the link if you want to preorder.


rob-zombie-trilogy-steelbook-blu-ray-box-art rob-zombie-trilogy-steelbook-blu-ray-box-art

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