Robert De Niro Gives Updates on Sequels to MIDNIGHT RUN and RAGING BULL at the Tribeca Film Festival

     April 19, 2012

Robert De Niro says one of his buzzed about sequels is progressing, while he wasn’t aware of another that has long been rumored.  At a Tribeca Film Festival panel with the Oscar-winning actor & award winning writer/director/producer Judd Apatow to mark the 100th anniversary of Universal Pictures, De Niro talked about follow-ups to the studio’s 1988 hit comedy Midnight Run and the film which won him a Best Actor Oscar, Raging Bull.

Hit the jump to see which is likely and which is, well, more complicated.

robert-de-niro-mike-fleming-panel-imageWe’ll have a full write-up soon on the incredibly fun back-and-forth moderated by Deadline Hollywood’s Mike Fleming, but we wanted to bring you the details on the sequels right away.  Fleming relayed an online question about how De Niro feels about a Raging Bull sequel. The actor responded:

“Well, I don’t know about it (laughter). If somebody comes up with a great, great script, I’d read it and say, ‘Yeah, it’s great, I’ll think about it, consider it, sure.”

Fleming joked that “Rocky kept fighting until he was 70.” We should note that there is, indeed, a Raging Bull II announced and is looking to shoot this summer, with a release next year.  William Forsythe (Boardwalk Empire) would star as Jake LaMotta with indie director Martin Guigui, in charge.

robert-de-niro-midnight-run-2On to Midnight Run.  Asked what intrigues him enough about the Jack Walsh character to bring him back 25 years later, De Niro responded:

“Somebody approached me, a young writer [Author’s note: Role Models screenwriter Tim Dowling was reportedly working on the early draft before GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra‘s scribes David Elliot & Paul Lovett were brought onboard] and he said how much he liked [the first film] and he said, ‘I’m writing a sequel if you want to [read it]’.  And I said, ‘Sure!  Fine.’  So it’s been going through these kind of changes.”

When pressed about where we pick up with his character in the sequel, De Niro responded:

“Well, he’s helping the son of Charles Grodin [and] he’s gotten himself in trouble.  And so that’s where we are and the script is being re-worked again.  But I hope to do it.  It was a lot of fun to do.”

Look for more from the panel soon and please leave your comments about both films below.


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