Robert Downey Jr. Trying to Work Alfonso Cuaron’s GRAVITY into His Schedule

     October 25, 2010

The struggle to launch Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity continues.  After a difficult search to find a leading lady to carry the film, the production finally landed Sandra Bullock for what is being described as a “Cast Away-type” role where she’ll be the only actor on screen for most of the film.  The plot centers on a female astronaut who’s determined to get back home to her daughter after her space station is destroyed by the debris field from an exploded asteroid.  Robert Downey Jr. joined the project back in March, but now Deadline is reporting that he is considering leaving the project due to scheduling conflicts.  However, a trusted source at Warner Bros. tells us that:

“there are some scheduling issues we’re trying to figure out, but as of right now, he’s absolutely still in.”

Downey is set to play the supporting role of Bullock’s co-pilot who is the only other survivor of the space station disaster.  Hit the jump for more on Downey’s busy schedule.

Downey’s got a busy schedule.  He was originally planning to film Gravity and then move on to Sherlock Holmes 2, but delays in finding a lead actress delayed production.  Then his plan was to break in the middle of Sherlock to do Gravity, but he also has to do press for Due Date.  Hopefully, Warner Bros. will be able to work out the schedule with Downey because getting him in a Cuaron film with Sandra Bullock sounds like a great combo.

And while I think Downey is a terrific actor, the biggest reason I want him to stay is that if he leaves, then the production gets delayed again as they look for a replacement.  That raises the unsettling possibility that then Bullock could have a scheduling conflict and delay the project even further. They probably wouldn’t be able to recast because Bullock is one of the few women in Hollywood that a studio will trust to carry an entire film.

Cuaron’s one of my favorite directors out there and Gravity sounds like it could be a brilliant film.  Let’s hope it gets flying soon.


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