Robert Downey Jr. talks DUE DATE, SHERLOCK HOLMES 2, and GRAVITY

     April 26, 2010


Ever the charmer, Robert Downey Jr. has quite the slate ahead of him after Iron Man 2 dominates the May box office, and he’s more than happy to chat about it with Moviehole.  He’ll next be seen in November’s Due Date, a road trip comedy he put together with Team Hangover: director Todd Phillips and comedian Zach Galifianakis.  Of course, the resounding holiday success of Sherlock Holmes ensures that Downey Jr. has the sequel pencilled (penned?) in on his calendar.  Perhaps the most adventurous of his projects is the “3D space movie” Gravity, as helmed by Mexican auteur Alfonso Cuarón.

After the jump, you’ll find his brief thoughts on each, including which is “like the second greatest movie [he’s] ever done.”

due_date_movie_image_robert_downey_jr_zach_galifianakis_01.jpgNaturally, the claim that lured you to click through refers to the only one that has started (and indeed finished) filming: Due Date.

“I’ve seen the movie. It’s like the second greatest movie I’ve ever done–largely due to Zach Galifianakis, who is crazy good in every scene, and Todd Phillips, who is just one of the great American directors.  I guarantee you’re going to love it–I went to the last screening and people were literally saying ‘Oh my god, It’s gotta stop–my face hurts!'”

Although he was clearly speaking hyperbolically, let’s hold him to his words.  Which is his greatest movie in this context?  Iron ManZodiacLess Than Zero?  In an interview with Steve, Downey Jr. contrasted Due Date with The Hangover, saying “I don’t mean to belittle The Hangover, but Due Date is really about something.”  His tone was jocular, but you can tell he’s super proud of the flick.  If Due Date transcends the genre of raunchy comedy to join the ranks of, say, Up in the Air, more power to the ebullient Downey Jr. and Co.

Sherlock_Holmes_final_movie_poster.jpgMoving on to the Sherlock sequel, Downey Jr. assured he wasn’t giving into the laziness associated with the repetition of blockbuster franchise formula:

“”I’m doing Sherlock Holmes again so I’m going back and reading all the Conan Doyle books again. I just finished them, so I’m gonna start over again–at Volume 1.”

On a less literary note, he promised a “pantsless” scene with his smoldering Brit co-star Jude Law; any worries that the sequel would dial down the homoeroticism can clearly subside.

And finally, Mr. Downey Jr commented on the minor international difficulties of the Gravity production:

“I’m working with Alfonso Cuarón on this 3D space movie about people trying to fix the Hubble telescope.  It’s been really inspiring talking to Cuarón–he lives in London, but he’s originally from Mexico City, and there’s a little bit of a language barrier but he’s a brilliant guy and a thoughtful guy”

The long distance fees, the miscommunication, the inevitable inferiority amongst Cuarón’s brilliance: all worth it.  Cuarón certainly proved his worthiness of praise with Children of Men, and I’m all for him leaving the post-apocalyptic subgenre of sci-fi for the cold embrace of outer space.

Here’s hoping that all three live up to the man’s hype.

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