Robert Luketic Thinks He Can Do BARBARELLA Better Than Robert Rodriguez?

     June 1, 2009

barbarella_movie_image_jane_fonda__7_.jpg that Universal and producer Dino De Lauretiis seemed to be going ahead with their remake of “Barbarella” without the aid of director Robert Rodriguez.  In case you don’t remember the details let me boil it down for you:  Rodriguez had a vision and a set in Germany was not a part of it.  There was also a little matter of the “Barbarella” budget so, long story short, Rodriguez bowed out.  I’m sure that the eight other projects he has in development will distract him…

Today it seems that the sadly Rodriguez-less remake is one step closer to becoming a reality. is reporting that Dino De Laurentiis has met with a replacement director for the revamped (emphasis on vamp) “Barbarella”.  So who could the producer find that could possibly compete with the man who made “Sin City”?  How about the man who made “Monster In-Law” and “Legally Blonde”?

A source that is “close to the project” is quoted as saying that director Robert Luketic is working with De Laurentiis (who owns the rights to the 1968 original starring Jane Fonda) and that the film may be destined for a studio other than Universal.

“It will be a big intergalactic adventure with a sexy twist,” said the source.

This description is totally different from the original “Barbarella”, which was a big, sexy adventure with an intergalactic twist.  See why the film needs to be updated?  Nope, neither do I.  At least with Rodriguez in charge we were sure to get a version of “Barbarella” that paid creative homage to the original.  Luketic, by comparison, has more of a PG approach to film making which would seem to be at odds with Barbarella’s mission of achieving as many orgasms as possible.

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