Robert Rodriguez’ MACHETE Set To Film in Five Weeks

     June 15, 2009

machete_movie_image_danny_trejo.jpgI’ve wondered why Robert Rodiguez isn’t more of a prolific filmmaker.  He’s not what I would call a perfectionist, doesn’t seem like a diva, but he also doesn’t strike me as lazy.  But for a man who does everything on his own films except the catering (and if you’ve ever read “Rebel Without a Crew”, you know he used to do that too) and knows how to shoot films on the cheap, it looks like we’re finally just getting around to “Machete”, based off the fake trailer from “Grindhouse” back in 2007.

According to Gordon and the Whale [via The Playlist], Danny Trejo says they’ll be filming in five weeks and knowing the speed at which Rodriguez works and how much he does in post, I’m guessing they’ll be done in five hours (three if they don’t break for lunch).  While GATW sadly notes that Trejo is NOT in Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming “The Expendables”, I just can’t get over how cool it is that Trejo will be headlining a film and one that (judging by its fake trailer) looks as fun as “Machete”.

Of course, this news puts in questions where Rodriguez stands to his host of other projects (as director and/or producter) including “Nerverackers”, “Sin City 2”, and “Predators”.  Oh, and what happened to “Red Sonja”?  I’m indifferent towards the film, but while we’re listing all the projects the guy isn’t getting to, may as well include it.

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