Robert Rodriguez Asks You to Sketch a Monster for His Interactive Short TWO SCOOPS

     April 12, 2013

robert rodriguez two scoops

Robert Rodriguez is partnering with Blackberry for Project Green Screen to directly collaborate with his fans on the short film Two Scoops.  There are a few scenes left unfinished in Two Scoops, and Rodriguez wants your help: “I’d like you guys to use your creativity and imagination to help complete them.”  Rodriguez and the crew at Troublemaker Studios will sort through crowdsourced footage and images to insert regular folk into the final product via green screen.

The first task Rodriguez assigned was to act out a small speaking role or submit a photo to appear on a “Missing” flyer.  Next fans tweeted suggestions for a wacky weapon.  Now the director wants you to send him a sketch of “the scariest or most ridiculous monster you can think of.”  Hit the jump for details.

Head to the official project site for more information.  Rodriguez explains what you need to do in the video below:

two scoops poster

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