Robert Schwentke to Direct Historical Thriller THE POISON KITCHEN

     August 9, 2011


Director Robert Schwentke (Red) is currently at work adapting the comic book R.I.P.D. (starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges) but he’s already lined up his next film.  Variety reports that Schwentke will direct The Poison Kitchen, which tracks the rise of the Nazi Party.  The script, written by Matthew Sand (Ninja Assassin) takes the point of view of the Muenchener Post, the Munich newspaper that fought against the Nazi Party for more than a decade until it was raided by Nazi stormtroopers in 1933 and its editors imprisoned.  Having recently read Erik Larson’s In the Garden of Beasts, which looks at the rise of Hitler from the perspective of the American ambassador to Germany, it will be interesting to see a film that examines the rise of the Nazis through German eyes.

While Schwentke is German, the movie will be likely be an English-language production and instead of a historical-political drama, it will be a historical-political thriller.  Filming is set to begin next year.

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