Joel Kinnaman Talks ROBOCOP Reboot: “I Can’t Imagine How ROBOCOP Could Be PG-13”

     March 26, 2012


Earlier this afternoon, Collider was invited to participate in roundtable interviews for Season 2 of the AMC drama series The Killing, which premieres on April 1st. While Season 1 was all about questions and red herrings, Season 2 promises to start uncovering the answers while delving into and exploring the notion that everyone has past secrets that are now coming back to haunt them. And, the resolution of who killed Rosie Larson (Katie Findlay) will be answered at the conclusion of this season.

We will run what the actors had to say about the show’s return later in the week, but we did want to share what actor Joel Kinnaman had to say about his upcoming role in the RoboCop reboot, working with director José Padilha, his love of the original film and Paul Verhoeven’s work (including Starship Troopers), how they start shooting in August, and how adamant he is about the importance of an R rating for the film. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

robocop-joel-kinnamanCollider: You’re already pretty famous in Sweden, aren’t you?

Joel Kinnaman: Yeah.

Are you prepared for all of this attention in the States now? When do you start shooting RoboCop?

Kinnaman: I start shooting that in August. It’s gonna be really fun! It’s frustrating when you come over here, especially from a position that I was in, in Sweden, where most people know who you are, but then you come here. There’s also a different financing system with movies here. Mid-range to low-budget movies have to have a name in the lead to get financing for it. So, I was meeting a lot of directors and reading scripts, and I was like, “Well, I’d love to play this part,” but I couldn’t. You’re not able to do a lot of projects because you don’t have a name. I wanted to get my movies to come over that hedge, so that I could do the movies that I wanted to do.

joel-kinnaman-robocopWhat will director José Padilha bring to the film?

Kinnaman: With RoboCop, I couldn’t be happier because it’s such a quality director. He’s a young master. I don’t know if you’ve seen Elite Squad 1 and 2, but if you haven’t, you really should see them. They’re quite incredible. So, he’s a very smart man who’s going to do a very smart movie. If you’ve seen those movies, you know he can portray action.

The original RoboCop had such a specific tone and voice, and it was very satirical. Will this be going for a similar thing?

Kinnaman: I’m such a huge fan of the original. I think I’ve seen the first RoboCop, 15 or 20 times. I’m like a kid, that way. And, I love all of [Paul] Verhoeven’s movies. He has a very special tone. I love Starship Troopers, too. That’s really smart. I think he really could portray fascism in a comedic way. It’s funny because both José [Padilha] and Verhoeven were accused of being fascists for their movies because they had fascist leads. So, it’s not going to have his tone, but there’s going to be political satire in it.

Do you know if you are going to go for an R rating or a PG-13?

Kinnaman: I sincerely hope they’re going for R ‘cause I can’t imagine how RoboCop could be PG-13. That would be a huge mistake. If I have any say in it, I will fight very hard for it. It has to be violent.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the original RoboCop, here’s the trailer:

robocop poster

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