June 3, 2009

johnny_5_as_the_pope.jpgThe “Short Circuit” movies are nostalgia pieces I’ll have to go back and revisit one day and that day will most likely come as the remake comes closer to hitting theatres.  For now, Dimension just signed Dan Milano to write that remake.  Cue “Remakes, why, bemoan, accept, rinse, repeat.”

But wait!  Variety reports that this Dan Milano hails from the brilliance of Adult Swim’s “Robot Chicken”.  Yes, apparently the producers are looking for a more subversive take as they bring Johnny 5 into the 21st century.  But there’s a limit, dammit!  Producer David Foster says they’re keeping the look of Johnny 5’s despite his resemblance to WALL-E.  “We think of ‘WALL-E’ as an extended trailer for our film, because it’s the same face,” says Foster.  Yep, that’s what Pixar intended, alright.

Back to Milano, I have faith that he’ll give the film the dark sense of humor it needs to prove its existence and understands that “subversive” doesn’t mean “more fart jokes”.  That being said, I wouldn’t bet on a scene where Johnny 5 falls in love with a Fleshlight (does that count as a robot?  Does it have batteries?  Can you accidentally one?).

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