‘Robotech’ Movie Lands ‘Wonder Woman’ Co-Writer Alongside Director Andy Muschietti

     September 13, 2017


It’s been a minute since we reported on Sony’s Robotech movie, but since Andrés Muschietti is all the rage right now thanks to the smashing success of IT, it’s worth reminding you that he’s attached to direct the anime adaptation. But wait, there’s more! Word has it that Robotech now has a new writer attached who will start from scratch on the movie’s story with Muschietti.

As Deadline reports, that writer is none other than Jason Fuchs who co-wrote Wonder Woman alongside Zack Snyder and Allan Heinberg. (Let’s put a check on that anticipation by saying Fuchs was also a writer of Ice Age: Continental Drift‘s screenplay and the sole writer credited with the 2015 flop, Pan.) For the uninitiated, Robotech was a 1985 anime series (actually cobbled together from Japanese series Super Dimension Fortress MacrossSuper Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber Mospeada for Western audiences) that saw mankind making huge scientific advances with the help of technology recovered from a crashed alien ship. A good thing, too, since the people of Earth had to use that technology–like transforming mecha fighters–to fend off additional extraterrestrial invasions. Expect much of that mythology to make its way to the movie since it’s planned as a big tentpole production.


Image via Harmony Gold USA, Tatsunoko

Muschietti probably has his hands full in the meantime. New Line and Warner Bros. have yet to officially announce a follow-up to IT, but that’s basically a given at this point. The second “chapter” in the film will likely jump forward about 27 years to revisit the Losers Club as their adult selves who are forced to return to Derry and battle Pennywise once again. Elsewhere, Muschietti has also been announced as the director for Sony’s Shadow of the Colossus adaptation, and for another stab at a TV series adaptation of Joe Hill‘s Locke & Key graphic novels. (Fun fact: Hill is the son of authors Stephen and Tabitha King, whose names may ring a bell.)

The Robotech adaptation, based on Harmony Gold USA and Tatsunoko Productions TV show, was brought in by original TV producers Frank and Jehan Agrama. But another Muschietti is also in the mix to bring Robotech to the big screen; this version will be produced by Muschietti’s sister and creative partner, Barbara Muschietti300 producer Mark Canton, and Gianni Nunnar will also produce with David Hopwood and Shannon Gaulding overseeing.

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