February 26, 2010

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Robert Rodriguez sat down with Empire Magazine (via The Playlist) and spoke about his myriad of projects that he has going on; namely: Sin City 2, Nervewrackers and The Jetsons. Robert Rodriguez (since the death of James Brown) has taken over the title of the hardest working man in show business as he is constantly attached to write/produce/direct projects left, right and center.

However, ever since he made Sin City in 2005 all comic book geeks across the board have been eagerly awaiting on the sequel.  Last year when Steve got to talk to the director he said that he was still thinking about doing it early 2010 and now in his interview with Empire Magazine he continues to be uncertain as to when he’ll actually get around to it.

Hit the jump for what Rodriguez had to say about his other upcoming projects, the sci-fi Nervewrackers, and a live-action adaptation of The Jetsons:

robert_rodriguez_image__1_.jpgLast year, Rodriguez announced that he would be writing/directing a new science fiction film called Nervewrackers and it would be ready for an April 16th release date this year.  However, to this day the project hasn’t begun shooting.  Rodriguez in his recent interview goes on to blame the fact that he’s waiting on his perfect actor to play the lead role to be free to do the film, not giving any hint as to who this actor is.  He’s however not forgotten about the film and says that he’s still improving it day to day.  Read the original synopsis for the film below:

‘Nervewrackers is set in the year 2085 and centers on the character Joe Tezca, part of an elite unit who is sent in to stop a crime wave amongst a perfect futuristic society. In the process, he discovers that ‘Nervewrackers’ are on a rampage for control of the city. Tezca consequently sets forth on a mission to reveal the cover up by the ruling class and stop the ‘Nervewrackers’ before time runs out.’

The cartoon to film adaptation of The Jetsons seems to be placed on permanent hold at Troublemaker Studios due to possible high production costs.  Elizabeth Avellan (a producer at the studio) said on the subject:

‘There was one point where ‘The Jetsons’ was in place here … That would have been a much bigger project then we’ve ever done; you’d have to create a whole world from scratch. Right now it’s not in the cards. What we’re good at is keeping the budget low, by cutting out the paper work and keeping the effects in house.’

Now why should this all not worry you?  Because Robert Rodriguez seems to always be so interested in producing so many projects that you never can pin down exactly what he’s going to do now or be putting on the backburner for upcoming years or when things fall into place.  I’m sure eventually he’ll get around to Nervewrackers since that’s his new original project, but after five years of maybes I have no real hope for the Sin City sequel coming anytime soon.  I would actually be willing to believe in the possibility of seeing a sequel to Sin City if the news was that Rodriguez was leaving as director and resign himself to just being a producer.  Now whether I’d like to see THAT film is another question entirely.

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