Roger Corman Brings the SPLATTER

     October 15, 2009

Roger Corman SPLATTER slice.jpg

Roger Corman is back. True, he’s been producing up a storm in recent years but movies like “Dino Croc,” “Scorpius Gigantus” and “Death Race” (yes, the one with Jason Statham), are not of the same quality as his earlier work. However, the man who first introduced the voracious Audrey Jr. in “The Little Shop of Horrors” is once again ready to show audiences a good time. Corman, in association with Netflix, has produced a three webisode long series, “Splatter,” for the movie rental giant. Joining him on the project are co-producer Julie Corman (“The Westing Game”), director Joe Dante (“Gremlins,” “The Howling”) and…wait for it…actor Corey Feldmen (“The Lost Boys”) in the titular role of rock ‘n roller Johnny Splatter. If you want to know what goes “bump” in the night, hit the jump.

Roger Corman.jpgFrom the press release:

“Splatter” is the haunting tale of rock-and-roll legend Johnny Splatter, a musical genius who accumulated as many hit records as he did enemies on his climb up the fame ladder. His sudden death, ruled a suicide, brings a small circle of professional parasites and hangers-on to his Hollywood Hills mansion for the reading of his last will and testament. But as his “frenemies” come to pick the bones clean, Johnny has returned for a deadly encore long after what they thought was his final curtain.”

“Splatter” premieres on October 29 but Netflix’s sense of timing gets even better. Since the next two installments will air on successive Fridays, the final episode will air on Friday the 13th. Another exciting wrinkle to the last episode is that the fates of the characters will be determined by a public vote.

A classic pulp premise executed by the unholy trinity of Corman, Dante and Feldmen, “Splatter” sounds like it could be a great project. At the very least it should be better than the schadenfreude overload of “Saw 6.”

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