Watch: Video Tribute Points Out All the Times Master Cinematographer Roger Deakins Was a Loser

     January 30, 2018


Roger Deakins is one of the greatest cinemtographers of all-time. He is a master of his craft, and any movie instantly becomes better just because of his participation. He has been nominated for Best Cinematography at the Oscars fourteen times, and has yet to win even once. That’s incredibly surprising, and it looks like with stiff competition facing him yet again this year, he might be 0-for-14.

To keep track of all the times Deakins was nominated and lost, TIFF has compiled a video pointing out all the times he was nominated with footage from the movies he was nominated for, and then showing who he lost to with footage of that nominee. Sometimes, it’s incredibly difficult to argue with the Academy’s decision, and then other times you’re left scratching your head. For example, even though Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and No Country for Old Men look incredible, I can’t be too upset with the Oscar going to There Will Be Blood. But Legends of the Fall winning out over The Shawshank Redemption? Please.

The most important thing about this video isn’t just a tribute to Deakins work, but pointing out that Oscars really aren’t everything. Whether he wins or loses on Oscar night, Deakins will still be one of the best cinematographers out there, and it’s not like he’s going away. He’s already at work lensing The Goldfinch for Brooklyn director John Crowley. That being said—and no disrespect to other nominees—if Deakins doesn’t win for Blade Runner 2049, that’s robbery.

Check out the video below and sound off in the comments section with your thoughts on which film (or films) he deserved to win Best Cinematography for.


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