Stop Everything: Roger Deakins Has Launched a Podcast About Filmmaking

     May 5, 2020


Attention, everyone – the GOAT has a podcast. Oscar-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins has started a podcast with his wife and collaborator James Deakins, appropriately titled Team Deakins. The show launched last week and has already released six episodes as of yesterday, which means you already have a few hours of in-depth conversations about filmmaking to dive into.

We asked James Deakins to tell us about the podcast:

“We have been doing our website ( for years now and love connecting with people who are starting out and sharing our experience with them. Over the years, we have done many Q&As and, afterwards, answered individual questions and realized that we often answer the same questions. So the idea of a podcast came to me late last year and Roger thought it would be something interesting. I didn’t really get a chance to start moving forward until January and then the shelter in place time took away any excuses I could have used to put it off! It has meant a huge amount of learning for me since I know visuals but sound was a new area for me. Once we started making the episodes, it just grew. We have so many ideas for episodes now and are being joined by people in different areas of the craft. We find ourselves continually coming back to the collaborative nature of the film business and this makes us want to delve into all the areas of making a film. We also discovered that having a young cinematographer, Matt Wyman, join us in this really added to the podcast and its relevance.”

roger-deakins-james-ellis-deakinsTopics covered so far include location scouting, practical lighting, shot composition, and how Roger and James began their decades-long collaboration. Future episodes include a conversation with Bev Wood on the journey from film to digital, animation, conversations with director John Crowley (Goldfinch) and George McKay (who starred in 1917, for which Roger won his second Oscar), and discussions about lens choices and lighting techniques for uber film nerds.

In addition to being lifelong professionals with tons of fascinating insight, Roger and James Deakins are genuinely delightful people. They recently sat down for a livestream Collider Connected interview and talked for almost 90 minutes about their careers, including Roger’s candid commentary on The Shawshank Redemption and virtually every single Coen Brothers film. The idea of them co-hosting a podcast together is music to the ears of movie geeks everywhere. If for some reason you’ve read this far and haven’t subscribed to Team Deakins yet, follow this link to correct that error immediately.

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