Collider Jedi Council: ‘Rogue One’ Character Posters; ‘The Force Awakens’ Commentary

     October 20, 2016

Today is October 20th, 2016 and it’s an all new Collider Jedi Council hosted by Kristian Harloff with John Campea, Mark Ellis and Tiffany Smith.

Rogue One Character Posters Revealed

rogue-one-poster-felicity-jonesIn the aftermath of the incredible Rogue One trailer released last week, the official Twitter page for Star Wars released several new character posters. Each poster features a main character with what seems to be outlines of the Death Star highlighted over their faces. Although simple, these posters make the anticipation for this film that much bigger.

Diego Luna Fanboyed with Darth Vader

In an interview with ET, Diego Luna talks about an exciting experience with Darth Vader. During the interview, it is uncertain whether Luna was involved in a scene with Vader or if he simply witnessed a scene occurring but regardless, he seemed to not be able to contain his excitement to see one of the greatest villians of all time in person.

J.J. Abrams Revealed Additional Shots Added in The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens Collector’s Edition Blu-ray set aims to be released on November 15. Recently, Yahoo Movies released a very exciting clip from the special features. The clip is from the audio commentary added to the blu-ray where J.J. Abrams explains that Selma director Ava DeVernay had many suggestions upon viewing an early cut. One suggestion, added a lot more emotion during the final duel scene between Kylo Ren and Rey.

Daisy Ridley Meets Felicity Jones

With Rogue One only a few months away, fans are excited to see what Felicity Jones can bring to the Star Wars universe. One person who’s increidbly excited is The Force Awakens lead, Daisy Ridley. While speaking with Yahoo Movies, Ridley talked about meeting Jones for the first time. She also comments on the level of excitement she feels for both Jones and the release of Rogue One.

Unkar Plutt Deleted Scene


Image via Lucasfilm

The audio commentary for The Force Awakens Collector’s Edition is not the only new addition to the upcoming Blu-ray set. One of the new additions is a brand new deleted scene. Revealed by EW, the scene features the smug Unkar Plutt confronting Rey a little later in the film when Chewbacca comes to the rescue.

The Force Awakens Commentary

As the release for The Force Awakens Collector’s Edition gets closer, more and more snippets of the features are being released. Thanks to USA Today, a clip from the commentary track has been released of J.J. Abrams talking about Kylo Ren. The scene that occurs is the confrontation between Kylo Ren and his father, Han Solo. Abrams discusses what Kylo Ren is thinking about during this scene.

What’s the Deal With Canon?

Here now is the segment called What’s the Deal with Canon – a discussion on everything in the world of canon that isn’t one of the movies be it Episodes or Star Wars’ Stories. “Canon” here include the tv shows, books, comics and video games.

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