‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Character Descriptions, Names Reveal New Details

     June 22, 2016


Things have been a bit crazy with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as of late. The announcement of major reshoots has opened up a myriad  of questions about the state of Gareth EdwardsStar Wars film; Mads Mikkelsen and Christopher McQuarrie rushed to the defense of the director. And this morning we learned that the film will indeed involve an appearance of the one and only Darth Vader, which is both exciting and a little disappointing, as I was hoping for Rogue One to be its own movie on all levels. You can check out everything else we know about Rogue One up until this moment right here.


Image via Lucasfilm

All this mishigas would be a lot easier to ignore if we knew that we would eventually get to see Edwards’ original cut, to see what the Godzilla director intended to do with such a vast, imaginative galaxy. The fact that we probably won’t makes me hugely skeptical about Disney’s hands in this, even if Mikkelsen swears it will be the same movie. Early reports said that the film was more a war movie than a Star Wars movie, which to me means that Edwards had truly made his own Star Wars movie, one that stylistically and narratively breaks ranks with the other Star Wars films in terms of tone.  Now that kind of movie, I would have been very interested in.

Regardless, Rogue One remains the most anticipated movie of the year right now, and Entertainment Weekly did everyone a favor and released a series of character descriptions and names that you can freely peruse below. There are plenty of tiny details to sort through, as well as confirmation that Mikkelsen will indeed be playing the father of Felicity Jones‘ Jyn and that Alan Tudyk will be voicing a robot similar to Chewbacca in temperament. Take a look for yourself!

Here’s the character descriptions via EW, and you can get even more descriptions and details from their article here:

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