Movie Talk: ‘Rogue One’ Extended Trailer Coming Next Week; ‘Thor: Ragnarock’ Begins Production

     July 6, 2016

On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (July 6, 2016) Kristian Harloff, Jon Schnepp Mark Ellis, and Ashley Mova discuss the following:

  • New 3-minute Rogue One trailer to be released on July 15th
  • Idris Elba to make directorial debut with Yardie
  • First trailer and poster for Imperium released starring Daniel Radcliffe 
  • AMC Rewind
  • Mail Bag


Image via Lucasfilm

Thanks to a report from Making Star Wars dot net – it looks as though we have confirmation that a 3-minute Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer will be shown on the 15th of July; attached to the ABC special: The Secrets to the Force Awakens. The documentary about the making of Episode VII was found on the Force Awakens Blu-Ray. Friday, July 15 is also the start of Star Wars Celebration Europe in London, so it seems increasingly likely that the trailer will be shown to the attendees there and then many hours later on network television. Lucasfilm and Disney have yet to confirm the report.

According to a report from Screen Daily, Idris Elba is set to direct his first film later this year. In an interview with StudioCanal CEO Danny Perkins, Screen Daily confirms that Elba will take on Victor Headley’s novel Yardie for his directorial debut, working from a script by Brock Norman Brock, who co-wrote Nicolas Winding Refn‘s Bronson. Yardie tells the story of D, a courier carrying cocaine from Jamaica to London and decides to go it alone, disappearing into the mean streets of Hackney carrying a kilo of white powder that his friends are anxious to recover. There’s no word on a release date or cast.


Image via Marvel

Production is now officially underway on Thor: Ragnarok, which this past weekend saw the beginning of principle photography in Australia. The third installment in the Thor franchise enlisted a very different kind of director for the follow-up, What We Do in the Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople director Taika Waititi along with a cast that includes Cate Blanchett as the villain, Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster, Tess Thompson as Valkyrie, Karl Urban as Skurge the Executioner and Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk/Bruce Banner. The announcement of filming was, of course, revealed on Twitter when Ant-Man director Peyton Reed sent out a congratulatory tweet to Taika reminding him about using explosions in a Marvel movie. Taika then responded with a tongue in cheek tweet of a shot of some empty crew chairs saying it was a pretty sweet first day, thanks to all the people who showed up. Longtime Marvel EP Louis D’Esposito also announced the filming on his own twitter account. Thor: Ragnarok will continue filming through October and will see the return of Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, and Anthony Hopkins. It will be released on November 3, 2017.



Image via New Line Cinema

The recent success of The Conjuring 2 means that there is the inevitable talk of a third movie with director James Wan already getting inundated with questions about a Conjuring 3, even with the second film still in theaters. Talking with IGN, Wan was pushed about a third entry and whether or not he has any ideas for it. He said they’re working something specific, but can’t say – and that he thinks it has to be set in the 80s. Wan also eluded to the Warren case files, saying they allow for a lot of different scripts so there’s a lot they could pull from. New Line recently announced plans for another spin-off, The Nun, though no official word on The Conjuring 3 has been announced.

The first trailer has been released for Daniel Ragussis’ Imperium starring Daniel Radcliffe as Nate Foster, an undercover FBI agent who infiltrates a gang of White Supremacists in order to prevent a domestic terror attack. Radcliffe’s up-and-coming analyst character must then confront the challenge of sticking to a new identity while maintaining his real principles as he navigates the dangerous underworld of white supremacy. Inspired by real events, Imperium also stars Toni Collette, Tracy Letts, Nestor Carbonell, Burn Gorman and Sam Trammell. The movie will be released by Lionsgate Premiere in theaters on August 19.

Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for War Dogs online. The film is based on a true story and stars Jonah Hill and Miles Teller as two ambitious young men who become weapons traders for the U.S. government, landing multimillion-dollar arms contracts and living the high life before everything comes crashing down. Directed by The Hangover trilogy director Todd Phillips, the movie is written by Stephen Chin and Phillips & Jason Smilovic, based on the Rolling Stone article titled “Arms and the Dudes,” by Guy Lawson. The film also stars Ana de Armas and four-time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper. The film opens in theatres this August 19th.


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Lauren writes:

Hello My Favorite Movie Crew!

I have been a huge fan for many years and am so grateful that I have you in my movie & tv loving life!

This year I have been trying to watch movies that I haven’t seen before or what the Schmoes may say are my Blind Spots. This past weekend I went on a Kevin Smith tour and on to other movies. Two of these movies were Chasing Amy and Jaws. As I was watching and enjoying Jaws I was having a bit of deja vu when the 3 men discussed different scars on their body and it took me back to a scene in Chasing Amy when Jason Lee and Joey Lauren Adams were discussing some different types of battle wounds.

I know this was likely an homage to Jaws from Smith, but have you ever watched two unconnected movies before and thought: “That reminds me of…”?

Thanks for your time and continue the fantastic work!!

Mike Hildebrandt writes

Hey crew, I’ve been watching Movie Talk for a very, very long time, and I still love seeing your smiling faces every day.

I was wondering: in your opinion, what was the best summer for movies?  Thanks all.



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