Roland Emmerich Delays Start on SINGULARITY to Work on Script. Seriously.

     November 10, 2011


Roland Emmerich‘s Anonymous was a departure for the director because it featured story and characters rather than explosions and more explosions.  It was assumed the story-and-characters thing would be put to the wayside with Emmerich returning to blockbusters and taking on the $175 million sci-fi flick Singularity. However, THR is reporting that the director is stopping pre-production to work on the script he co-wrote with Harald Kloser. The movie focuses on a young man whose body is made up of a swarm of nanobots, giving him all sorts of powers at the same time as it brings unwanted attention from an evil corporation.”  Emmerich and Sony Pictures are reportedly bringing in “futurist and AI specialist” (fun business card) Ray Kurzweil to consult on the script.

Singularity was set to begin casting this week as it geared up for a March 2012 start and a May 17, 2013 release date, but obviously this delay throws those dates into question.  I enjoy having a little fun at the expense of the guy who made enjoyable-yet-vapid blockbusters like Independence Day and 2012, but if wants to work harder on the script, then I’m all for it.

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