Roman Polanski Attempting to Finish Latest Film GHOST From Prison

     October 16, 2009


It’s nothing new that prisoners will try to control their affairs on the outside despite their imprisonment.  Some prisoners conduct a relationship with their sweetie, some prisoners conduct their drug cartel, and some prisoners conduct their sweetie’s drug cartel.  But it’s rare that a prisoner tries to complete his film while in confinement.  However, that’s exactly what recently incarcerated director Roman Polanski is trying to do from his cell in Switzerland in an attempt to finish post-production on his latest (and possibly last film, depending on how long he’s locked up), “The Ghost”.

Hit the jump for details and to wonder if Polanski’s fellow inmates will choose their treatment of the director based on a love of “Chinatown” or a love of raping sex offenders.

Before his arrest, Polanski had already finished a rough cut of the film.  The film stars Pierce Brosnan as a former British Prime Minister who is accused of war crimes.  Ewan McGregor plays a ghostwriter who uncovers Brosnan’s dark secret after he’s hired to complete the Prime Minister’s memoirs.  I wonder if McGregor’s character is based on whoever wrote O.J. Simpson’s memoir, “If I Did It”.

The article from Yahoo! News brings up the question of whether or not the publicity surrounding Polanski’s incarceration will help or hurt the film.  Here’s the answer: it helps it.  Polanski’s profile hasn’t been this high since he fled the country for his rape of a 13-year-old after learning that the judge might send him to jail for 50 years.  Of course, America has an appeals process but why go through that when the French will grant you asylum because they really like your movies.  Folks who never followed Polanski will see it out of morbid curiosity and cineastes will go out of their way to see it because it could be Polanski’s last film since he’s 76 years old and the wheels of justice turn slowly.


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