Roman Polanski’s GHOST Now in Limbo

     September 29, 2009


As we reported earlier, Roman Polanski was arrested this past weekend in Switzerland, 31 years after pleading guilty to having sexual relations with an underage girl and subsequently leaving the United States. His arrest means that his latest film, “The Ghost” has been left unfinished. Starring Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor, the movie centers on the fictional former British politician Adam Lang (Brosnan) as he writes his memoirs with the help of McGregor’s character. Based on the Robert Harris novel, “The Ghost” also stars Kim Cattrall, Tom Wilkinson, Olivia Williams and James Belushi. Hit the jump to find out more about the film and whether or not it can make it into theaters.

With a controversial main character heavily based on former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, “The Ghost” had already secured distribution deals with a number of international territories, including Germany, where it was shot, and France, where Polanski currently resides. As Harris said when the film was first announced, “There’s a lot of psychological intrigue in the story, as well as espionage and politics, and most of the action takes place in an oceanfront house during the middle of winter – all of it classic Polanski territory.”

When Polanski was arrested, the film was already into post-production and he had completed most of the editing. The score of the film as well as general sound mixing had not been started, meaning the movie is still a few months away from completion. Though Polanski has vowed to fight extradition, there is the very real possibility that he will be unsuccessful. Even so, given the limited nature of the work left to be done, “The Ghost” will likely be completed, even if it not by Polanski. Originally slated for 2010, it may not be released until 2011 but until Polanski’s legal situation can be understood more clearly, the release date, like everything, is up in the air.



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