Ron Howard on His Documentary ‘Rebuilding Paradise’, ‘Willow’, ‘Solo’ and More | Sundance 2020

     February 3, 2020

One of the many films to premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival was director  Ron Howard’s fantastic documentary Rebuilding Paradise. The film begins on November 8, 2018, which was the tragic day that a small fire in the Sierra Nevada foothills turned into the most destructive wildfire in California history and ended up destroying 95% of Paradise, California. Using footage shot by locals on the day of the fire, Howard opens the documentary by putting you in the shoes of the residents attempting to escape. It’s an incredibly tense  10 minutes. The rest of the film follows a number of residents over the course of a year as they attempt to rebuild their lives and the town they love.


Image via Sundance

Shortly after seeing the film, I got to sit down with Ron Howard at the Collider Studio at Sundance. During the wide-ranging conversation he talked about why he wanted to make a vérité documentary, his history with Paradise, the editing process, the incredible opening ten minutes, climate change, and more. In addition, with Howard involved in a number of other projects, we also talked about the Willow series for Disney plus, Solo, his upcoming Netflix movie Hillbilly ElegyBryce Dallas Howard’s episode of The Mandalorian, toxic fandom and Star WarsSplash with a merman, a new Friday Night Lights movie, Parenthood, future Imagine Entertainment projects, and more.

Check out what Ron Howard had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about.

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Ron Howard:

  • What is Rebuilding Paradise about?
  • Talks about his long history with Paradise, California.
  • Why he wanted to make a vérité
  • How the news cycle moves so fast.
  • The opening ten minutes of the documentary and how it’s incredibly intense.
  • Did he have a much longer cut of the film?
  • Any storylines cut from the film?
  • Climate change talk.
  • Did he get to see Bryce Dallas Howard’s episode of The Mandalorian before it aired?
  • Would he want to direct an episode of The Mandalorian?
  • solo-a-star-wars-story-ron-howard

    Image via Lucasfilm

    The status of Willow on Disney Plus.

  • Does the studio tell them what they want for Willow or do the creators decide?
  • When does Willow take place compared to the movie?
  • If he could add one category to the Oscars what would he add?
  • Is he considering directing a comic book movie?
  • Toxic fandom and Star Wars
  • Any Solo deleted scenes that still haven’t been seen?
  • Talks about his upcoming Netflix movie Hillbilly Elegy and what it’s about.
  • What is his next film?
  • Imagine Entertainment talk.
  • in-the-heart-of-the-sea-ron-howard

    Image via Warner Bros.

    Which of his previous films will be the first to be rebooted?

  • Splash with a merman. Channing Tatum wants to be the main character.
  • Friday Night Lights Says a new movie could be shooting this year with an all new cast and location.
  • How they’re talking about doing a new Parenthood movie or possibly a Broadway musical.
  • What was it like having his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard shadow him on the set of Solo?

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