Ron Howard to Direct Action Thriller ‘The Fixer’

     January 30, 2020

Now that he’s finished production on the adaptation of Hillbilly Elegy for Netflix, Ron Howard is moving on to his next project. Variety reports that the Oscar-winning director will help The Fixer for Paramount.

Per Variety, “Based on the original pitch by Tyler Hisel, the film is based on the incredible true story of a disgraced FBI agent, who, at the height of the Cold War is tapped by the CIA to lead a ragtag team of CIA operatives and Chicago mobsters on an unlikely mission to try to assassinate Fidel Castro.”

Hisel also wrote the script and the project is a high priority for Paramount, which believes it will be Howard’s next project.

Ron Howard is one of those guys who will always get work. If something like In the Heart of the Sea flops, it doesn’t really touch Howard. He’s a likable guy who has been around forever and it’s not like he has a tough artistic vision you need to negotiation with. If The Fixer comes together, I predict it will be a movie that simply exists. Sure, it could be one of his better recent efforts like Rush, or it could be deeply terrible like his Robert Langdon movies.

That all being said, Hillbilly Elegy may be an unintentional lightning rod for Howard based on the source material. The book was a hot seller in the fallout of the 2016 election as the media scrambled to find stories of the poor, forgotten white rural American, but that may be old news at best in 2020 and narrow-minded at worse. Then again, in a country that can’t stop fetishizing “the heartland”, it could be a prestige pick for the streamer. We’ll find out later this year.

For more on what Howard had to say about Hillbilly Elegy, check out what he told us about the film when we spoke to him at Sundance.


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