Ron Perlman Says ‘It Would be Nice’ to Appear in THE HOBBIT

     September 2, 2009


I had a chance to speak with Ron Perlman today on the set of the FX show “Sons of Anarchy”.  He talked about not being interested in what people say on the internet and never reading blogs because he doesn’t want anyone to dictate his own opinion of himself and his craft.  It came as a surprise to him (or so it seemed) that rumors are floating around that he will be in Guillermo Del Toro’s “The Hobbit” films, and that the films have been added to his page (albeit listed as “rumored”). Is there any credibility to the rumors?   “If that’s what Guillermo wants, then that would be nice”.  More after the jump.

Perlman said that he’s only briefly spoken with Del Toro since Hellboy II because they’ve both been so busy, but they remain close friends.  Obviously he’s got a few weeks left shooting “Sons of Anarchy”, and Del Toro isn’t quite ready to start shooting “The Hobbit”, so it may be that Perlman just didn’t want to give anything away before the right time.  From the looks of it, though, if Del Toro asks Perlman will say yes, and it’s likely that Del Toro will ask, so there’s at least a good fighting chance that we’ll be seeing Ron Perlman in “The Hobbit”.

Obviously I’ll have a ton more from my “Sons of Anarchy” set visit coming very soon, but I thought that tidbit was worth sharing sooner.


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