Ron Shelton Going Back to the Green with Tim Allen and Dennis Quaid

     August 16, 2009


The Hollywood Reporter has announced that writer-director Ron Shelton (“Tin Cup”, “Bull Durham”) will be returning to the golf course to direct “Q School”, a comedy starring Tim Allen and Dennis Quaid as a couple of friends competing to get into the PGA Tour.  More info after the jump

Ron Shelton has been missing in action since 2003’s “Hollywood Homicide” but having him return to what he arguably does best (the sports movie) actually makes me anticipate the film a little bit more. I would love nothing more to see Shelton find his groove again and make another fun sports flick that clicks with the masses but only time will tell. As of right now mark me down as being slightly optimistic. Here is an excerpt from The Hollywood Reporter describing the plot a bit more

“”School” is described as a comedy in which a group of hopefuls battle it out in a competition to make the PGA Tour, with both their game and their personal lives sometimes ending up in the drink along the way. The title is a reference to qualifying school, an annual tournament in which several hundred aspiring pros compete for a limited number of spots on the following year’s tour.”

The film aims to start shooting in Spring with a script that is also co written by his “Tin Cup” collaborator John Norville.

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