Ronald Moore – Exclusive Video Interview

     June 7, 2007

Tonight, at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood, a “Battlestar Galactica” event took place and some of the cast, as well as the creators, were there to talk about the show and answer questions from the fans. Here are some pictures.

The event was put on to help promote the upcoming DVD release of Razor (coming this fall) and to talk about the upcoming 4th season, which will be the last.

Before the event there was a red carpet where members of the press got to take a ton of pictures and a few outlets asked questions on camera. While I was placed at the end of the line (it must have been the beard) I did get to have some face time with almost everyone who attended and the best interview is what’s posted below.

I’ve been a fan of Ronald Moore since his days on “Star Trek.” I think he’s a great writer and while I’ve met a lot of people in this town doing the Collider gig, he was someone I’ve always wanted to talk to and say how much I enjoyed his work.

Thankfully, he came across as a really nice guy and after the camera was off we spoke about ST:DS9 and it was one of those moments that I remembered why I do what I do.

While I cut out some of my fanboy love at the beginning of the interview, the rest is almost the complete 10 minutes. I’ve broken it up into two parts to make it easier to watch and I’ve also listed what questions I asked and some of his answers.

The biggest news I got from him is in part 2. It seems that he’s writing a sequel to the Will Smith movie “I Robot” and while I tried to get info from him on the story… he was silent. And at the end of the interview I went back to trying to get some info by asking about the budget and if he wrote it for a certain price tag? You’ll have to watch to get the answer.

If you’re a fan of Ronald Moore or you’re just curious about the upcoming season of “Battlestar Galactica,” you’ll really like this interview.

And if you notice a new logo in the interview (the Omelete logo) it’s because I’ve teamed up with the website. While most of you will have never heard of Omelete as they’re located in Brazil and it’s in Portuguese, they’re a huge website in Latin America and we’ve started working together. Already they’re posted some of my interviews and in the future I’ll be posting some of their exclusive stuff. It’s a perfect marriage and it’s going to be great for both of us and all of you.

A quick update. I’ve posted the interviews with the cast from the event. Click here to watch Lucy Lawless and Katee Sackhoff and here for Mary McDonnell and Jamie Bamber.

Ronald Moore Part 1

  • Talks about the event tonight and why it was held, he mentions the upcoming DVD Razor
  • I ask if the footage from tonight will be online.
  • I ask about writing the final season and how far along is he in the writing it. He says they are half way through writing it and they decided to write till that point and then stop and reassess.
  • I ask if he knows what Earth they’re going to reach. I follow up with if he knows the year and the specifics.
  • I ask if this is it or is their life left in the Battlestar Franchise. He says the possibility exists for more DVD movies and mentions Caprica (the prequel series).
  • I ask about Comic-Con and if he’s attending and what he might bring. He is coming…not sure what he’ll show.
  • Since Ron worked on Star Trek I asked him if J.J. Abrams had called him about the feature and I followed up with what does he hope to see with the new movie.
  • Finally I asked him if they were to do a new Trek TV show after the feature film would he be willing to return to the franchise.

Ronald Moore Part 2

  • I ask if he’s already thinking about what he might do after Battlestar. He mentions he’s doing THE THING for Universal and then he drops the bomb… he’s writing the sequel to the Will Smith film I ROBOT.
  • I ask about what his day is like. Is it all Battlestar or what else.
  • I ask about the finale and if they’re already thinking about ways to get the budget higher for that episode. As you know if you watch Battlestar some episodes look like they have a lot more money to spend. He says he wants a “big bang” at the end.
  • I ask if he watches Heroes and I bring up the bad finale. I follow up with a question about the finale of Battlestar and the ending with trying to satisfy the show and the fans.
  • I ask if he had a favorite Trek episode he worked on. He says the DS9 episode Trials and Tribulations.
  • Finally I go back to the I Robot sequel and ask if he wrote it with a high budget in mind.

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