BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Creator Ronald Moore Developing TV Series Remake of THE WILD WILD WEST

     October 6, 2010


As if remake fever sweeping over the motion picture industry wasn’t enough, now it seems the TV industry has caught the bug. Hawaii Five-0 already hit the flickering box this season, and remakes of both The Munsters and Wonder Woman are on the way too. Now EW reports Battlestar Galactica creator Ronald Moore is developing a remake of the classic 1960’s series The Wild Wild West. However, the project is very, very early in development with Moore being weeks or even months away from shopping it around to networks. No details on how the series will be updated, but the original CBS program, which ran from 1965 to 1969, follows Secret Service agents who get reassigned to the Old West. The series was adapted into an awful movie back in the late 90’s featuring Will Smith and Kevin Kline, but let’s keep that in the attic where it belongs. Anyone interested?