Rosario Dawson Joins QUEEN OF THE NIGHT, Frank Grillo and Maria Bello Board James Wan Thriller, Plus Casting Updates on MAN OF STEEL and FREEZER

     January 23, 2013


Check out the latest casting news below:

  • Rosario Dawson (Sin City) will join Queen of the Night, the Atom Egoyan thriller that stars Ryan Reynolds, Scott Speedman and Mireille Enos.
  • Frank Grillo (The Grey) and Maria Bello (A History of Violence) will star in a James Wan-presented thriller, possibly titled House of Horror, to be directed by Will Canon (Brotherhood).
  • Peter Facinelli (The Twilight Saga) and Yuliya Snigir (A Good Day to Die Hard) join the cast of Freezer, an action/thriller directed by Mikael Salomon and starring Dylan McDermott.
  • Richard Cetrone and Revard Dufresne, who each had stunt/small roles in Sucker Punch, will fill out the villainous contingent of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel presumably as General Zod’s henchmen.

Hit the jump for more on each casting announcement.

rosario_dawson_imageFirst up from Variety comes word that Dawson will star in Queen of the Night, co-written by Egoyan and David Fraser.  The story centers on father (Reynolds) of an abducted child who is convinced his daughter is still alive.  Dawson will play the detective in charge of the investigation.  Filming is expected to start in February.  Dawson, who is currently filming Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, also has Parts Per Billion with Josh Hartnett, Penn Badgley and Frank Langella; Diego Luna’s biopic Chavez with Michael Peña and in the Danny Boyle thriller Trance with James McAvoy and Vincent Cassel this year.

Variety also reports that Grillo and Bello (I like that pairing, by the way…sounds like a wrestling tag team) will join House of Horror.  (Their report has the movie as untitled, but we’ll just tentatively use the House of Horror tag for now.)  Wan will produce the movie, which is based on an original idea of his scripted by Max La Bella.  It centers on a policeman and a psychologist who interrogate the lone survivor of a ghost-hunting excursion that resulted in five deaths.  Grillo will next be seen as Crossbones in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, while Bello will soon start production on Prisoners.

News of Facinelli and Snigir’s addition to Freezer came via a press release, along with this new synopsis:

Robert (McDermott), an everyday guy, finds himself tested beyond human endurance when he awakens to find himself locked in an industrial freezer by Russian thugs.  They insist he returns the $8 million dollars he stole from them, the only problem is, Robert has no idea what they are talking about.  Surprised as anyone would be, Robert finds he is not alone in the freezer when he finds Sam (Facinelli) hiding behind a series of boxes.  Unsure of each other, but stuck in a battle together, the two must join forces and fight for their lives before freezing to death, as the truth slowly reveals itself.

Finally, from (via Bleeding Cool), we have updates on General Zod’s (Michael Shannon) burly back-up: Cetrone will play Tor-An, a Kryptonian member of Zod’s military guild who once moonlighted as human CEO David Carter; Dufresne will play  Dev-Em, listed as a juvenile delinquent on Krypton who manages to escape its destruction, but has historically flip-flopped between good and bad sides.


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