Roy Rogers Rides Again?

     June 14, 2009

roy_rogers_01.jpgAre you a fan of Roy Rogers?  Oh, you’ve never heard of Roy Rogers.  Well, ask your parents.  Okay, they’ve never heard of Rogers either?  Alright then, ask your grandparents.  They’re dead?  Well now you’re just putting me in awkward position.

Rogers, for those born after World War II, was an icon for many children and was nicknamed “King of the Cowboys” (cowboys being a monarchial system) and was accompanied by his wife Dale, his golden palomino Trigger and his german shepherd, Bullet.  Rogers was a popular figure on the radio and later television.  Then those damn spacemen came along…

Now Variety is reporting that 821 Entertainment is hoping they can revitalize Rogers’ popularity with a new generation of kids because if kids today are hot on a trend, it’s cowboys.  Yes, the ways cowboys don’t use technology and live off ranches, why, I don’t see why today’s modern audience member wouldn’t go nuts for even a trilogy of cowboy movies!  What’s that?  They’re planning on making it a trilogy.  Beautiful.  Best of luck with all that.


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