Ruben Fleischer Wants to Film ZOMBIELAND 2 in 3D – Plus an Update on THIRTY MINUTES OR LESS

     March 8, 2010


Ruben Fleischer recently sat down to discuss his career and he talked about the sequel to his comedy hit Zombieland.  When asked in a recent interview on IconvsIcon about the upcoming sequel, he said he wanted to film it in 3D and not do it in post:

Nothing has been determined yet but just from the little that I know about 3D, I would greatly prefer to shoot it in 3D.

He’s on the right track with this, as movies shot in 3D look much better than when you do add it in post production.  Think Avatar versus Alice in Wonderland.   Ruben also went on to talk about an upcoming dark comedy heist film called Thirty Minutes or Less.  Hit to jump to read more about the story and my thoughts on Ruben’s upcoming projects.

zombieland_movie_poster_rule_8.jpgRuben Fleischer is a low budget filmmaker who had the opportunity, after many years of creating commercial content, to direct his first feature length film and it became the box office success Zombieland.  Here’s what he said on the sequel:

We have been talking to the studio and we pitched them some ideas that they seemed to really like. We are definitely doing the film in 3D. Sony has their own 3D division now and we are going to go get a little tour of that on Tuesday (3/2/2010), of the 3D department. I know that the cast are all excited to be a part of the sequel, so it should be a great, fun movie to make! The script is about to be written and hopefully we will shoot it sometime towards the end of the year or early next year.

I am a massive fan of the first Zombieland film and can’t wait for the sequel.  I also do believe, even though I have my reservations about this mass 3D movement in Hollywood now, that this would probably be a great movie to be filmed in 3D.  Just imagine the clown scene from the first film with some Avatar style 3D, that would be all kinds of awesome.

When asked about any other upcoming projects Ruben spoke about Thirty Minutes or Less:

I am kinda working on this bank heist movie that is a kind of a dark comedy. That will hopefully shoot this summer. No one has really been cast yet but it is a dark comedy called ‘Thirty Minutes or Less’. Ben Stiller’s company, Red Hour, will be producing.

What that means for Zombieland 2, I don’t know.  But I cannot wait to see what Fleischer does next.

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