‘Rumble’ Trailer Introduces Steve, a Lovable Monster Underdog Voiced by Will Arnett

     February 26, 2020


Paramount Pictures released the first trailer for upcoming animated feature Rumble and holy smokes, this one looks like a winner. Featuring the voice talents of Will Arnett (Bojack Horseman) and Geraldine Viswanathan (Blockers), Rumble takes us into a world where humans live side-by-side with giant monsters — and cheer those monsters on as they participate in epic wrestling matches.

The very colorful Rumble trailer first introduces us to Tentacular, a shark-octopus hybrid monster who can glow in the dark and is voiced by Terry Crews. Tentacular is the reigning champ of the monster wrestling world and seems to be both beloved and unbeatable. That is, until the camera cuts to human teen Winnie (Viswanathan) and a hulking, horned orange monster named Steve (Arnett). Winnie seems determined to turn Steve from a couch potato into a wrestling champ, having him use a bridge to do pull-ups and even working on lifts by hoisting another monster in the air to the Dirty Dancing song “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life.” Because, yes, this is definitely how monsters become pro wrestlers.

The Rumble voice cast is one of the many highlights about the animated feature. In addition to Arnett, Viswanathan, and Crews, the Rumble cast includes Tony DanzaSusan Kelechi Watson (This Is Us), Jimmy Tatro (American Vandal), Ben Schwartz (Sonic the Hedgehog), and WWE star John “Roman Reigns” Anoa’i (Hobbs & Shaw). Directing Rumble is Hamish Grieve (Rise of the GuardiansShrek 2) and it’s co-written by Etan Cohen (Men in Black 3) and Matt Lieberman (Scoob!).

Rumble will wrestle its way into theaters on January 29, 2021. Check out the official trailer and fun new poster below. Before you go, make sure to check out which animated movies we’re most excited to see in 2020.



Image via Paramount Pictures

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