Rumor of a New 3D STAR WARS Trilogy Doesn’t Hold Up to Scrutiny, Common Sense

     October 21, 2009


I didn’t think that people really cared about “Star Wars” anymore but apparently a big enough rumor regarding new “Star Wars” movies can send people into a frenzy for all of 30 seconds before they stop and say, “That makes no fucking sense.”  But such is the way of the Internet and its just good that movie websites have developed relationships with people who can swat down these ridiculous rumors before you can send out the link to everyone you know and make yourself look like a total idiot.

Hit the jump to read the fake news regarding a new trilogy of 3D, non-Lucas-directed “Star Wars” movies followed by real news explaining why that rumor is just sad wishful thinking.

MarketSaw spoke with a source who told them that there would be a new trilogy of “Star Wars” movies.  These movies would be in stereoscopic 3D.  George Lucas would not be directing the films but handing them over to a close, longtime fellow director including Steven Spielberg or Francis Ford Coppola.  But the source also says that this plan depends on the success of James Cameron’s “Avatar” so let’s just hold our horses for a second.

I’m sure the folks at MarketSaw meant well by reporting this story but I would suggest that in the future they get a second source especially if their primary source is clearly in the middle of an ether binge.

But because this was such a sensational rumor, Eric Vespe over at Ain’t It Cool had to take time out of his day to send the Laura Wuhlhammer of Lucasfilm’s Public Relations department an e-mail asking her to confirm or deny the rumor.  She, of course, denied it. I imagine Vespe then sighed, looked at the clock, and knew he would never get those 90 seconds back.

No one at Lucasfilm has the time to even consider the massive undertaking of a new trilogy because all their attention is on television.  They’re in the middle of putting serious time and money into the live-action “Star Wars” TV show as well as continuing the successful “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” animated series.  Also, I think Spielberg and Coppola might have other things to do with their time than to take seven years out of their lives to help their good buddy George make more “Star Wars” movies.

Contrary to the famous quote of Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels said (because let’s turn to the Nazis for wisdom), the biggest lie is not always the most convincing one.  Sometimes it’s just a gigantic, hilariously transparent lie that makes people think that whoever came up with it has some kind of mental disorder.



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