Exclusive: Junkie XL Shares Musical Sketchbooks He Made for RUN ALL NIGHT

     March 12, 2015


With Warner Bros. releasing Run All Night, Liam Neeson’s newest collaboration Unknown and Non-Stop director Jaume Collet-Serra on Friday, it’s time to unveil our exclusive look at the musical sketchbooks composer Junkie XL made for the film.  Inspired by the film’s storyline before being brought on as the composer, Junkie XL created a 55 minute sketchbook of music that he envisioned for the movie:

“First, Darren Higman (Vice President of Music at Warner Bros.) explained the story to me in detail. He did it so well that I got very excited and was inspired to start writing music for the movie. The suite became a musical sketchbook that I later could pull from. After five days of writing, I was able to see the film. Funny enough, it felt like all of the music I wrote would work very well for the film. When I met with the director, Jaume, and played the music for him, he was very excited. All of the main themes that I came up with ended up in the film.”

Check out Junkie XL’s Run All Night musical sketchbooks below. The film also stars Ed HarrisJoel KinnamanCommonVincent D’OnofrioHolt McCallany, and Beau Knapp.  Run All Night opens in theaters on March 13th. Junkie XL’s full soundtrack is now available here and the sketchbooks will be available with the purchase as bonus content.

For more with Junkie XL, watch our exclusive video interview where he talks about Run All Night, Mad Max: Fury Road, Batman V Superman, how he got into composing for movies, and so much more.

“From the start when I heard the title and knew what the story was I felt inspiration from an old Pink Floyd record. A pulsating pushing baseline that would be the basis for a more emotional chase. I ended up using this piece on two spots in the film. Where Micheal gets taking by crooked cops and later when Micheal and Jimmy make it out of a tough situation.”

“I knew I needed more emotional themes for this movie. This theme here is a spin on the main theme. It starts quite emotional and develops in something dark and sinister but we come out of it hopeful. I ended up using this at the end of a long scene where Father and son are starting to come together.”

The Run All Night soundtrack is out now via WaterTower Music.


Image via WB


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