Russell Crowe in Early Talks to Star in DRACULA Re-Imagining, HARKER

     February 10, 2012


Russell Crowe is reportedly in early talks to star in Jaume Collet-Serra’s Dracula re-imagining, Harker.  As we reported last year, Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy‘s script changes Jonathan Harker from a lawyer to a Scotland Yard detective who’s trying to find who’s behind a series of grisly murders (Hint: It’s Dracula).  The project began to gain momentum, but then Warner Bros. moved Collet-Serra to the adaptation of Akira after Albert and Allen Hughes dropped off the project.  But Vulture reports that since Akira has run into budget issues (along with even less of a reason to exist after Chronicle), the studio may try to make Harker first and then move the director back to Akira.

Hit the jump for what could keep Crowe from hunting down Dracula.

Harker may have to wait if it wants Crowe for the lead.  He’s currently at work playing Javert in Tom Hooper‘s adaptation of Les Miserables, and he’s circling Darren Aronofsky‘s biblical epic, Noah.  Since Noah is still trying to get financing together, Harker could swoop in and take Crowe if he decides he wants to slay a vampire.  Crowe is also attached to star in Albert Hughes’ Broken City and Akiva Goldsman‘s Winter’s Tale.


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