Watch: ‘Russian Doll’ Easter Eggs Video Highlights the Details You May Have Missed

     March 1, 2019


(Be aware there are some spoilers for Russian Doll)

It’s early yet, but Russian Doll has already all but cemented its place as one of the most exciting, boundary-pushing shows of 2019. Co-created by Amy PoehlerLeslye Headland, and Natasha Lyonne — who also stars in the role of her career — the Netflix series is a spectacular time loop fable about self-destructive cycles, learning to engage with the world, and why we all love a bodega cat. (In this house, we recognize and respect Oatmeal as the true star of the show.) But it’s also a wild sci-fi/fantasy story that dips a toe into multiple timelines, alternate dimensions, computer coding, and the East Village art scene. Which is all to say, it’s a complicated show and you probably missed a couple of things on your first watch.

Thankfully, Netflix is cut together a little video highlighting some of the Easter Eggs and details you may have missed. At less than two minutes, the video’s probably only scratching the surface, and if you watch the series as obsessively as I did, you probably already noticed a lot of this, but it’s a fun place to start hunting for Easter eggs and scouring the background in the show. See what Netflix came up with in the video below and be sure to sound off with your favorite Russian Doll detail in the comments.

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