Watch Our 1-Hour Q&A with ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Directors Joe & Anthony Russo

     May 12, 2016


Last week, thanks to IMAX, Disney and Marvel, I moderated an almost hourlong Q&A with directors Joe and Anthony Russo in New York City following our IMAX screening of Captain America: Civil War. While we’ve shown a few movies as part of our year-long IMAX screening series, they’ve always been in Los Angeles, and this was our first screening away from IMAX headquarters. While I figured a number of our readers would want to attend the event, I’ll admit to being blown away by the demand, as we had over 6,000 people request tickets and unfortunately the theater only held 341 people.

captain_america_civil_war_imax_posterHowever, like our previous IMAX screenings, we had a professional camera crew filming the event and I’m happy to offer the full Q&A in the video above. During the wide-ranging conversation the Russos talked about their relationship with Marvel, traveling the world to promote Civil War, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, what it was like working with and directing Robert Downey Jr., Easter eggs, which sequence was the toughest to edit, and so much more.

If you still haven’t seen Captain America: Civil War, I can’t recommend it enough. Loaded with incredible action, a fantastic script, emotional performances, and the perfect introductions of both Spider-Man and Black Panther, Civil War is one of those special films that you’ll want to see again and again. Trust me, after you see Civil War you’re going to be even more excited that the Russos’ are helming Avengers: Infinity War.

Finally, if you missed our previous IMAX screenings, here’s the post screening Q&A with Francis Lawrence for The Hunger Games, here’s Joe and Anthony Russo talking about Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and here’s Tim Miller, Simon Kinberg and Rob Liefeld talking about Deadpool.


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