Exclusive: Joe and Anthony Russo Planning to Shoot Next Three Movies in Quick Succession

     April 21, 2020

When you direct the biggest movie of all time and run your own production company, it gives you a level of freedom that other directors crave. The success of Avengers: Endgame and their new production company AGBO have given Joe and Anthony Russo the latitude to move forward with projects they’re excited about, and they’ve already got their next three projects lined up for filming in quick succession. Joe Russo, during an interview about the Chris Hemsworth action film Extraction on which he serves as a producer, explained to us that while they’ll announce the specifics of these projects when the time is right, at least one will probably be an action movie:

On a personal level, it’s about the stories we want to tell and how we connect to those stories. We have projects that we’ve been working on for years that we want to bring to the screen. We have secret projects, big, new universe projects that we’re working on that we want to bring to the screen. We’ve got three projects ready to go that we will probably direct in succession over the next two, two-and-a-half years. We’re going to be very active. We’ll announce those when the time is right, but they run the gamut, and we of course love action, so I’m sure one of those could be an action film and there’s some big universe stories in there as well.


Image via Marvel

As for whether or not they’ll pursue anything in long-form storytelling, Russo revealed that while television is not among their next three projects, they appreciate what long-form storytelling has to offer:

I think the best storytelling that’s happening is in longer form storytelling. You could call it TV—I don’t know if you could call it TV anymore, frankly—but now it’s more cincematic and you get to do a much deeper dive with the characters, spend more time with them, provide more surprises, break the narrative format. Two-hour narrative is very specific, and when you get to ten hours, you can make a lot of different choices that you can’t make in two hours. You can also get your audience more invested in your characters because on a practical level you’re spending more time with them. We love all mediums, we’ve worked within them our entire careers; we have no bias about that, we never have. We don’t try to take a point of view that one is better than the other. Different mediums work for different stories depending on what story you want to tell. 100-percent we are interested in committing to a long-form project at some point. It’s not one of the next three things we’re talking about, but we’d definitely commit to it.

Joe and Anthony Russo’s next film is the crime drama Cherry starring Tom Holland, which is expected to be released some time this year.

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