Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn Talk LOGAN’S RUN

     June 23, 2011

There are a handful of properties that beg for a remake that haven’t found the right combination to get it started. The latest team is star Ryan Gosling and director Nicolas Winding Refn (Bronson), who think they have finally figured out the errors of the previously potential suitors. Since the mid-1990s, the Warner Bros. property has chewed up and spit out every director Joel Silver could attach to the film, including Carl Erik Rinsch in November. The 1976 original directed by Michael Anderson centered on a future society that put an age cap at 30 to help alleviate the threat of overpopulation and limited resources. A Sandman named Logan 5 has spent his entire life chasing down Runners, but suddenly becomes one himself in a mix up. For what Gosling and Refn think is the key to remaking Logan’s Run today, hit the jump.

The duo sat down with 24 Frames and explained one major diversion that they are making is not strictly following the original film’s technology. Said Refn: “Logan’s Run is dated in the sense that everything came true. They’ve been  trying to make it for years with the notion of just trying to remake the original movie. And it has to be rethought.” The technology obviously will have to be updated, but Refn isn’t just stopping there. He seems to be eyeballing what got them to that point in the first place.

“The premise of a society that decides to commit suicide is unique, and I think that’s why everyone still thinks it could work,” Refn told 24 Frames. Even Gosling thinks they have the key to unlock a remake, adding, “We’ll put together a team of futurists and artists and we’ll dream on this world.” As for when the film may begin actual production, they aren’t in any rush. While they will likely be focusing on their newly announced collaboration, Only God Forgives, they will still be working with screenwriter Will Beall on the script for Logan’s Run. “We’re still in the stage of trying to figure out the rules of the road,” Refn said. Gosling also chimed in, saying, “Joel [Silver] said the other night, ‘Take your time and make it good. It doesn’t have to be ready at any point.'”

Of course, for those that have been eagerly awaiting a remake, their time may be running out…


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