Ryan Murphy Teases Ewan McGregor-Led ‘Halston’ Series: “It’s Very Graphic”

     April 23, 2020

Ryan Murphy currently has about has many TV shows in development as most of us have sitting in our DVR, and somehow Halston still stands out as one of the most intriguing. The five-episode limited series sees Ewan McGregor playing the famed one-name fashion designer—born Roy Halston Frowick—who helped define the look of the 1970s and 80s. When Collider’s Steve Weintraub spoke with Murphy recently to discuss his other Netflix series, Hollywood, we got the latest scoop on Halston as well, which had started production before the coronavirus shut things down.

Murphy did confirm the Netflix series’ five-episode run and the fact one director will tackle all five chapters, but mostly he raved about what McGregor is achieving with the lead part.


Image via Disney

“I think it’s one of those roles, it’s one of the greatest roles of Ewan McGregor’s career and he’s just extraordinary in that part. And it’s a hard part, and he has spent a lot of time on it, on the voice, on the look, on everything. I mean, he’s such an incredibly disciplined actor who likes to do a lot of research. I think it’s one of the great roles of his career. And I love the people making it. All the episodes are directed by Dan Minahan, and it’s produced by Christine Vachon of Killer Films. She’s one of my role models.”

By the sound of it, Halston‘s themes are about as varied as the designer’s own catalog, but Murphy did also stress how “graphic” the subject matter will be.


Image via Warner Bros.

“It’s sort of a full circle question because this was a project that Dan and Christine had in development for 20 years. For 20 years, they had this Halston miniseries and they could not get it made. And I guess that’s because it had a gay lead character. And so they came to me and I took it into Netflix, and Netflix loved what it was about and we got it green lit. I don’t think it could have been made five, six years ago. It’s very graphic. It’s very inside about the fashion world, but it’s also about the struggles, and what it takes to be successful and what you have to lose to get there. And it’s also a cautionary tale about fame and drugs and sex, but Ewan is just so mesmerizing in that part, as I think you can tell. But it’s going to be something, I’ll tell you.”

Be on the look-out for the rest of our interview with Murphy soon. For more on Hollywood—which hits Netflix on May 1here is the first trailer.

Halston’s supporting cast that includes Rebecca Davan as Elsa Peretti, Krysta Rodriguez as Liza Minnelli, and Rory Culkin as Joel Shumacher.