Ryan Photographs the new McFarlane Toys Spawn Series

     June 28, 2008

Words and Pictures by Ryan Brookhart

Occasionally McFarlane toys revisits past action figure incarnations with the idea of either improving, refining, or just reinterpreting. Such is the case with SPAWN SERIES 34: SPAWN CLASSICS.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

All four figures in this assortment (PIRATE SPAWN 2, POACHER 2, MANGA SPAWN 2, and WINGS OF REDEMPTION SPAWN 2) are essentially reinterpretations of past figures. I wouldn’t call any of the 4 figures “improvements” but rather “different takes” on four popular figures from the past.

For me, the standout of Series 34 is Poacher 2, who carries impressive heft, discrete but intelligent articulation, and minute details like the real metal chain that dangles from his left wrist. There’s something very regal, imposing, and downright cool about an elephant wielding a huge sword, and Poacher 2 is a terrific standalone figure as well as a neat companion piece to the original, slightly taller original.

What’s interesting about Wings of Redemption Spawn 2 is that is carries almost identical detailing as the original figure, only this time rather than standing in a brooding, pre-flight stance, this version is in flight mode and I’d imagine the two figures will bookend each other nicely.

Both Manga Spawn 2 and Pirate Spawn 2 round out the assortment and both figure are a mixed bag for me. I really like the new battle stance of Pirate 2, but some rather weak paint opts and soft sculpting in places like the supplied guns leave me a little cold. He does look great in the overall library of Spawn figures, but alone he comes up the short end of the stick with this assortment.

As for Manga 2, he’s just a nice, solid figure that I can only imagine will go great with the upcoming SPAWN SERIES 35: ROBOT WARS. All in all, a great summer assortment of McFarlane collectors.

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